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    "1+1=11," this is what Modiji promised to prove if BJP is elected in Gujarat.

    1+1 is not equal to 2 but 11. This is what Modiji promised to prove if the people of Gujarat elect BJP in the State Assembly elections. Yes, this is what Modiji tweeted on the last day of campaigning in Gujarat. His version is that with BJP Governments in both at the Center and Gujarat, their strength rises manifold. Then, Modiji said, we can prove 1+1=11. Yes. Modiji is capable of anything. Does Modiji think that it is only Gujarat that counts? He is the Prime Minister of India and should take care of the entire country. I hope he will realize his responsibility to the entire country.
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    Mr. Modi has never mentioned that only Gujarat counts. This is the interpretation of pathological Modi-haters. It is more than interpretation, it is twisting of facts. Nay, it is twisting of something which he never stated.

    So far as 1+1=11 eleven is concerned, I interpret it as 'Force multiplier'. When both the State Government and Central Government belong to the same development-oriented party, the result would be more excellent. The development would be beyond expectation. I interpret this 1+1=11 statement in this manner.

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    Parthaji, + sign is not a multiplier sir. I don't have any need to contest your interpretation. I too can use pathological Modi followers who twist the accepted facts. It is not the proper way of expressing. Refrain from using such words and language in future. Let us discuss Gujarat development under Modiji in another thread.
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    1 + 1 = 11. it is mathematically wrong. It should be 2 only. Buy if I represent a state government and another 1 represent central government, when these two governments are on the common platform and compliment each other they can do excellent development works. If BJP comes into power in Gujarat, as there is already BJP government in the centre, both the governments work hand in hand the development of the state will be fast. This is what I understand from the statement. The same is the case for any state where BJP government is in the ruling. PM wants to say the people indirectly that if you are not choosing BJP in the state the progress may not be as you expected.
    Unfortunately, in Andhra Pradesh TDP is the ruling party. Even though it is a friendly party to BJP, as there is no BJP government there the help from the Central government is less. So the progress there is like 1 + 1 =2 but not 1 + 1 = 11.

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    One plus one can be a Big One. There is a literary work with that title in Malayalam.
    The justification for one plus one equals Big one is the merging of two small rivers joining and then becoming a big river.
    So the same party government at state and centre will be adding to the convenience of the state and centre both. They can work in unison as there may not be any policy difference.

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    It's an eye-catching headline and pleasant to hear like a punch dialogue delivered by a hero in the movie. Such statements are common in the election campaigns. We've heard of statements like water for everyone, No one will go hungry, safety for every women etc, these are good things that people want to hear at election rallies and newspapers like to print. Politicians with oratory skills often quote such statement.
    It could be interpreted that he's partial to Gujarat and enticing the voters that get BJP in the state and see what benefits you can reap. It could also be understood that if the state and central governments are of the same party then development, funds, schemes all can happen smoothly, it's like joining hands for great benefit.

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    Well take his projection in positive manner. It is always good and best to have the same government at the state and centre and we know how it will effect the performance and progress of the state badly. When NTR was the Chief Minister for the first time in United AP then, the Congress was in power and he was literally made to beg for each project to the state and he was not even invited when Prime Minister convened the meeting of CM's and that kind of harassment was well remembered by the people. So Gujarat has the advantage of PM being from the same state and he has ruled the state for more years. And every new and good projects are being diverted to Gujarat which itself shows that what PM said is right. For example the Bullet train project would enhance the prestige of that state further once becomes operational and only yesterday sea planes have been launched and again that was first in India.
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    1.The people have the choice elect the Government they want. The Center is expected to treat all the States equally. Ther is no necessity to have the same party at Center and State. This is against the democratic principles.
    2.As per your admission, all the new and good projects are diverted to Gujarat. Is it correct? What about the others?
    3. Sea Plane is not introduced. It was chartered and used in the election campaign as a gimmick.

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    @KVRR . Sea plane is the reality and soon the government want to start cruise services to Singapore and Malaysia and the modalities are being worked out. Like wise sea planes would be put to use in all the sea cost towns and cities where there are tourism potential. When compared to the regular air plane route, the sea routes are shorter and the time taken for the operation is less and also the sea planes can make emergency landing at any given point and therefore it is most viable next alternative to road transport where in good number of passengers can be ferried. This is the fact.
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    Yes. I know the background story also. The Government is bothered about showoff. Development took back seat.
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    Seaplanes may not become a reality in terms or a successful venture. Seaplanes are like small airplanes that can carry a handful of people around 8-10. It is not easy to land a seaplane in any coastal area. The wind, height of the waves are crucial. It needs a proper jetty or a long ramp that can be used to ferry passengers from the plane to the land. Given the current tight financial budget plannings in the air travel and tourism industry, the seaplanes can probably be used by the elite class.

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    Already AP government also launched sea planes in Vijayawada and yesterday Naidu had trial run on the sea craft much to the delight of Vijayawada citizens.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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