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    Is is Ok to be obsessed with personal views on Politics and Politicians ?

    Wherever we are, in the morning coffee shop, jogging tracks, bus stops, train stations it is difficult to escape from hearing people talking about their own views about Politics and Politicians.

    Even in ISC, forum threads that have excellent replies would often be the ones that discusses about current politics.

    Why are we so passionate about expressing our views about people in power. Most often the discussion at our levels ends in a stalemate, neither quarter given nor taken. Apart from a little knowledge about people and events, it doesn't add anything significant to us.

    Is is just us who are so obsessed with Politics around us or people around the world are also the same. What is it that makes us to be so steadfast in expressing our views and counter views repetitively?

    Please refrain from expressing personal views about ISC members.
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    Politics is a very common subject. No rules or regulations we have to know to discuss this subject. You need not support your opinion with some accepted theories and methodologies. It is not a science covered by the variety of law s and principles. you can talk in any way you want. Another factor here is everybody knows these names. Everybody watch news channels and read newspapers. This will give the liberty to all to talk about politics. If you have to prove 2X 3 = 6, you have to know a process or method to prove this is correct in mathematics. So if you have to discuss something about mathematics you should know the subject well, but you can talk in general terms about even though you don't know exactly what happened. That is the reason I think all will discuss politics and politicians everywhere. Another subject most commonly discussed is Cinema and Actors.
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    Politics is one thing that determines our day to day life. It is the reason why many people are interested in politics.Impartial opinions about political parties, political persons, and their policies and actions are not possible because knowingly or unknowingly we all have a leaning towards a particular party. The discussions always end in a stalemate because we are all educated and we feel we know better than others.It is easy to convince a person with full knowledge or no knowledge at all. We do not know anything completely and we all disagree with each other.

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    In India the people are more interested in politics and politicians because they come to them once in five years and makes lots of promises on the palm and does nothing. So to express their dissatisfaction and take out their vengeance of their elected representative every one tries to talk politics and they have right to do so. If you go to deeper villages in Tamil Nadu the awareness of politics is amazing and they discuss issues pertaining to Delhi and also their own government. That is why the politicians always fear about Tamil Nadu voters are they are well posted about news developments.
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    The term "Obsessed or Obsession" can make put a blindfold to the person from reality, it can sometimes be dangerous and spoil the relationship. Having an opinion about a political matter is alright but it is not OK to be obsessed with any politician. It's not just about politics, we should also refrain from being obsessed with anything as a matter of fact.

    I remember someone had mentioned in this forum that it is not possible to have an unbiased discussion when it comes to politics or politician, which stands true.

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