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    Do compliant and clarification threads justify points?

    In general, if we have an issue or clarification we drop a mail or make a call to find answers or explanations. In forum we have a policy of raising a thread for complaints. Most of them are of the regular variety and predictable. Can you answer why my rights are revoked? Why has my article not reviewed? why have i not been awarded points? Why has my such and such post deleted? The questions are so predictable that the answers are also typical, please wait.. we are looking into it...

    I am happy that people are raising their doubts, grievances and thankful that the admin is looking at it. But do we need to award 5 points for that. If one has to earn 5 points on the forum, he or she has to raise a thread on a current event,life skill,good attributes in life, education etc. Or we have to post a reply to the thread,this needs some thought process, formulation of sentences and then type out to earn 2-5 points.

    I'm just learning my way around in ISC. Is their a good justification for this?
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    If the complaint, request, reminder or questioning is not genuine there is every right to the administrators to make the points to ZERO. But the problem is genuine and it requires some work or modification from the administrators then only these points will be there and not changed. In forum section, the points allotment is automatic based on the length of the message. But later on, the editors will go through and change if required. So any thread will get points automatically. Otherwise, there should be a separate forum for grievances where no pints are CC are awarded. No comments from other members also. Only editors can see that and an action deemed fit will be taken. These days what I am observing if there is any clarification is required some members are giving some clarification which may not be relevant also and getting points. This is also an issue. Not only raising a complaint about answering the complaint by other members also is being allocated points.
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    Allowing a complaint or grievance to be raised in the forum, responding to it and solving the issue all give faith and confidence to the members and all those who read the thread. That gives a sort of advertising and testimony about the site's intentions and its genuineness. It creates goodwill which can help in sustaining and enhancing the site's reach and use.

    Giving points does not cause any loss to ISC, but it helps in accruing asset of goodwill and nourishing reciprocal feeling.
    Once a complaint gets attention and redress, the concerned person becomes encouraged for further contributions to the site. The points are just a sort of encouragement and assurance that complainants are not discriminated.

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    I fully agreee with Mr. Venkiteshwaran. Furthermore, I want to add that such grievance threads help solving similar problems faced by other Members also. As for example, when Dr. Rao raised athread on addition of some courses, I also mentioned my problem as a response to this thread. The ME then acknowledged and assured to look into the issue.
    So, such threads are necessary and points credit is required to be given to such threads.

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    As Venkiteswaran commented - " Allowing a complaint or grievance to be raised in the forum, responding to it and solving the issue all give faith and confidence to the members and all those who read the thread. That gives a sort of advertising and testimony about the site's intentions and its genuineness. "

    I really doubt on his statement, everyone is not as lucky as Venkiteswaran, Dr. Rao or Partha, there are some genuine query or complaint with starting with "respected editors", thread gets deleted in forum. If it happens only to some particular member, I don't know how Venkiteswaran will provide his statement.

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    @ 619226, Jeets,
    The response posts in the forum are the views and opinions of individual members. The views can be of their experience, their observation,or even assumption and presumption. In a forum such varied opinions and views will be coming, and that is welcome also. No one is compelled to accept them or follow them. From the various inputs and opinions coming in discussion, members may sometimes get convinced of certain viewpoints even if those differ from his/their own existing view in that matter. That is why ISC forum is seen as a 'learning' and improving centre also by many.

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    Obvioulsy the opinion is individual but when member like you, who has vast liking and have the power to influence people, then the statement is not become individual. You have to look all the matter and then comment as such. You could have said this earlier in your post or indicated that "it may not be hudred percent true what you are talking. Moreover you are talking about ISC, you should talk about negativity as well instead of trying to convey that everything in ISC is working correct. You should or must be straight while commenting of a site where not one or two but thousands members are there.

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    Anything written on the answer box is eligible for points. Be it a detailed answer to the content. let it be a complaint or a compliment to the member or the site even. Nothing wrong in getting points.
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    I think yes, they do justify points. The forum is meant for discussion, be it related to any specific thread, or suggestions or any sort of a complaint. And points are based on that.
    In any case, nobody will raise any complaint or suggestion every day. Everybody is busy in expressing their views on this forum.

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