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    Satisfaction brings the maximum happiness, more than any other thing

    Is it satisfaction which brings the most happiness of all? What do you think could be other factors that bring equal or more happiness?

    Satisfaction is the factor which brings happiness to any individual irrespective of whether they are rich or poor. The way this factors works for poor or rich may differ but the ultimate thing will be this only. A rich fellow will feel happy only when he take meals in a costliest hotel nothing less or more he don't get satisfied. But a poor fellow if he gets a meal which is better than his daily meal will feel very happy. Similarly a rich fellow may not have good sleep at nights even though all facilities are there for him because he has no satisfaction already what he earned and always thinks about protecting his possesions. But a poor fellow after completing a day's hard work and after having a meal sleeps on road side peacefully under moon light without any worries. Folks what is your thoughts about my opinion.
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    This is true. The satisfaction and contentment will give you a lot of happiness. Our desire to earn more and more which is nothing but lack of satisfaction with what we have will bring you a lot of dissatisfaction. So you will try further and further to earn more riches. This will make you busy and no time to sit and enjoy. Whatever we do we will be doing like a machine and run after the money. But the person who is having a full meal. if he feels satisfied. can enjoy his life with his family members and he will have a lot of joy. So one should practice how to get satisfied. You have a shelter to live in, you are able to get two times a day full meal for your family and you have good clothes to hide your body from them, What more you want. If you are satisfied, then you are a happy man. A worker who earns his hard work will feel very relaxed and happy in the evening after having dinner with his family and will have a nice sleep.
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    This thread reminds me the poem by Alexander Pope, we read in our school time -
    Happy the man, whose wish and care
    A few paternal acres bound,
    Content to breathe his native air,
    In his own ground.

    No doubt happiness is one of the greatest possession a person can have. It is something which keeps you alighted even in a materialistically poor condition. Today in the race for accumulating wealth most of us have forgotten to pause and enjoy the natural beauty surroundings us as we are never satisfied and yearning for more and more.

    Now this is one side of the story. Let us see the practical part. Every one wants to progress in life and make a satisfactory livelihood. So just being satisfied with present status may not fetch the desired objectives. There will be requirement of hard work coupled with various strategies to go ahead and if one does not get success the element of dissatisfaction will emerge out as a big stress factor in life.

    So what is the line of balance? To be satisfied completely or partially or not at all. That is the decision for which prudence and wisdom are required and a person is known to be satisfied if he can balance these situations in life without inviting the stress factor.

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    This is true in more than one way, many teachers feel genuinely happy and satisfied if their students get a good job and do well in life even though they have left the school a few years back. Parents are satisfied if they give their children a good education, good food and clothes even if they have to struggle, they don't complain, they are satisfied that they have done something good for their children. The things we love in life, things that are dear to us, tasks that we feel are more important to us, when are do them and succeed, it brings a sense of satisfaction that is difficult to express but easy to understand. Likewise, worries and unsatisfied desires are the root cause of depression and sadness in life. We should learn to aim high but often we should do small things and be satisfied so that we don't end up being disheartened. Each of us has a different measure of satisfaction, some are satisfied with a few hundred rupees in hand and are happy whereas some are unsatisfied and sad even with crores of rupees. That says it all.

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    Yes we get lots of satisfaction on achieving some thing which was expected. But we are more satisfied and would be on cloud 9 situation when the winning was not expected and we won hand down and that moment cannot be compared or written in words. When I was working in Delhi , there used to be best employee award among the 300 friends in the office and factory. When I won it in the year 1981 it was much elated and delighted. Then the award was coming to me regularly and simultaneously for the five times, then my joy was at the peak. But those awards also brought me hostilities with my nearest competitor who was about to get award and thus enmity started within but wont know to the management. So what I mean to say, if the success comes once in a while that can be cherished and remembered and if the success repeats it gives challenging time than the satisfaction part of it.
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    Mohan sir has brought out an important point, success attract happiness and also the dark traits like envy and jealousy. People who often perform well and successful in competing their tasks and keep securing a rank, top place, position, star of the month award, not everyone is genuinely happy, most are glad that we have won it but some would be envious about them not getting a chance at wining it. Successful people often experience this at many levels.

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