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    Politician's are misusing their power.

    In Uttara Kannada district especially in Sirsi Bandh was declared in past two days. The reason was a BJP supporter Paresh Mesta was tortured and killed, despite the doctor who conducted an autopsy on the body, refuting the claims. The BJP alleged the doctor's statements were only part of the cover-up. Regarding this, there was a sporadic violence in Uttara Kannada district which continued too bandh. By all this, the opposite parties have destroyed the public property by giving fire to BUS, Car etc. I don't understand why should we elect these people who are bound to create such problems and make a citizen's not live in peace. Each parties fighting each other with their own claws nobody is bothered about the public. Upon all these media is also having the full-time cover story about it with their unmeaningful topics.
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    This is the real problem in this country. Any person upset will spoil the public property. Definitely, there will be a political Party behind all these happenings. The first target always is State road transport vehicles. By spoiling these buses what they are I don't understand. I have witnessed many such incidents in Andhra Pradesh when there was separate Telangana agitation was going on. Really it is a bad policy. In these activities, the local leaders will have a good say. They stay behind and innocent people will be in the front row. This a very unwanted act which is making a great loss to the individuals and to the society. All political parties are from the same school in such activities. The hard earned money of the taxpayers is will be on fire and burning on the roads. Both the state and central governments should see that this type of activities will not take place forever. They have to bring in new orders giving powers to the police to punish the people creating these problems then and there itself. Then only these activities may get stopped.
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    Tension began on 1st December, 2017 when Hindu organisations protested against the installation of a temporary replica of Prophet Mohammed's tomb. When the situation was about to return to normal, a minor accident between a rickshaw and a bike on December 6 evening turned communal. The rider of the bike and driver of the autorickshaw were from two different communities and their argument took on a communal color with both the communities coming to blows. Though the police intervened, brought the situation under control and arrested 42 people (28 from one community and 14 from another) in connection with the clash, a youth, Paresh Mesta, went missing and on December 8 his body was found in a lake.

    BJP leaders alleged that this was the handiwork of "jihadis". It is alleged that Paresh was assaulted and his face burnt before his body was thrown into the lake. But the Karnataka police denies the allegation.

    It is possible that the State Government is trying to put the real reason behind the murder under the carpet.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Sadly such acts are open opportunities to every political party and media house big and small. If it involves two different parties it's worse, if it involves two different communities it is even worse. It would take a few weeks to know at least part of the true story. The locals, allegedly are very angry to know that the person was tortured and unmentionable acts were committed on him by members of a particular group. Apparently, smelling a rat the BJP has taken to protest against the police reports. In Karnataka we have had two similar cases (Sharat Madivala and Rudresh). Maybe like the previous episodes, the NIA would have to investigate and find out the truth behind this recent case too. Which ever party we belong to, instigating communal violence and destruction of public property should not be carried out, likewise if there is any vested interests in the triggering event, then the culprits should also be brought to justice.

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