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    Should we vote or NO?

    I have a small confusion that why should we vote? As they we have a right to elect a person who has the qualities to rule the country and give justice to the public. But as per my previous forum
    Politicians are misusing their power. I find there is no person who is bothered about the country and really wants to do Samaj Seva. I think all parties are corrupt and when they come to power they try to make their own profit. It's better if the public had a power to elect a new person to their place. Which not be on the list. Especially in Karnataka, I don't find any politician who is a saint and wants to work for the public. What will be your suggestion if the entire people don't elect a single person? at time of the election.
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    Not voting is not the answer to this problem. If none votes for anybody, there is no elected body to govern the country. Then there are chances anybody can come and take over the governance forcefully and dictate the terms. There is no democracy in place in such situation. It may be like going from pan to fire. The victory of the candidate will depend upon getting more votes than the other candidates. All other candidates get one vote and one candidate gets two votes, the candidate who got two votes may be declared elected. For getting elected there is no rule that the candidate has to to get minimum 50% +1 votes of the votes supposed to be poled. But who got more votes will win the contest. So if you and I stop also there is no use. We can't stop these illiterates who will follow blindly their group leader will go and vote. So I think there is no use of not voting. But you can differ all the candidates on your vote.
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    To vote is our right as well as duty. We should exercise that right and duty. We are now enjoying the right to vote due to much hardwork ,struggle and sacrifice of our leaders and country men of yesteryear. We have to preserve it and use it wisely.

    Probably voting is the only time we get to have a say in the governance of our country/state/local bodies. After that we do not get chance to participate in the matters of day to day governance and policy making. Our system is 'best of the lot' and 'first past the post'. That is we have to select one among the various names available candidates, and the one who gets maximum number of votes gets elected. Yes, still,there may be some deficiencies and system may not be perfect or ideal as per our wishes and dreams.But not voting does not make the solution.

    The NOTA facility available now can be used to show our disapproval of a candidate. High number of NOTA votes will give a signal to the candidates and parties what the people feel and may try to do better and bring better candidates next time at least. The ward election or election for even local clubs and associations can signal the way people want their leaders. So we should also use our thinking, awareness and expectations from very primary level where we can be a decisive force, as even one vote can influence victory and defeat.

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    Voting is a right and we have to exercise it. In fact, voting should be made compulsory. All the politicians are not corrupt. Our day to day life is going on peacefully because we have a Government which looks after all our basic needs. The lawmakers bring our problems to the notice of Government and get the necessary things. The political system is being spoiled by few persons. It is our duty to see such people do not enter politics.
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    Do we have an option of Not Voting? Many citizens think similarly or feel what is the point in voting, anyway the politicians will do what they want. We should vote and ensure that the democratic process continues. We are also responsible for who sits on those seats on behalf of us. There are also sincere people in the government and political circles who will do a good job. At least we can have an eye on things when we are involved in the process of elections. If we don't vote our legal vote becomes an illegal vote for some candidate and is misused. Once the parties know that people are involved, are keen to know about the progress and the programmes listed and actually conducted, then at least something good will be done. If we don't vote all, we send a signal that we are not bothered and the parties are free to do what they want with the public money and the position's power.

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    Not voting is definitely not an option. If we don't go to vote, it implies that we are not interested in election process and we are not responsible citizens of the country. On the other hand, if we press NOTA option, this means that we have examined the credentials of the candidates and have not found anybody suitable to be elected. So, NOTA is a preferable option.
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    For God sake never say that you wont vote or why to vote. In democracy voting is the greatest weapon we have to tame the party and its candidate. If we shy away from elections then who will select the best candidates out of the contesting candidates. Moreover all candidates are not bad as some of them have inclination to work for the people but they are not supported with good votes. Nevertheless if you still feel the contesting candidates are bad and not up to the mark of your expectations, then you can press the NOTA and that would be the tight slap for all the candidates and parties to think over.
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    I do accept voting is our power and its a duty to every citizen but there is an only corrupt politician in all parties whom to choose? In that set of mind, I am confused why should we vote.

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