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Liked a particular text of the GTA contest? Show your appreciation for the authors with your votes!
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    GTA contest - vote for the best author!

    The two Guess the Author contests are closed. Let's reward the authors with a special prize through your votes! Let us know which text is your favourite in terms of the relation to the topic given and the overall quality. Everyone, including authors and those who did not participate, can cast their votes. Of course, there is no compulsion on anyone, including authors & participants, to vote, but it would be nice to show your appreciation.

    What you have to do: See the attachment of the text submitted by the 15 authors. Give points to each text as follows: 1 (Fair), 2 (Good), 3 (Very Good), 4 (Great), 5 (Excellent). Send a list of your points to: as follows -
    GTA 1: 2
    GTA 2: 1
    GTA 3: 4
    ....and so on.

    Please put in the subject line 'GTA Vote'. Once you have sent the mail, please let me know in a response in this thread.

    (i) Authors are not allowed self-voting.
    (ii) If you do not wish to put any vote at all for a particular text, simply put the word 'abstain' against the GTA number (e.g. GTA 5: abstain.)

    The two best winning threads will each get Rs.75 if their points are tied; otherwise, it will be Rs.75/- and Rs.50/- for first and second winners.

    Closing time to receive votes: Tomorrow, 14th December 2017, 12 midnight (IST.)

    Only after closing time you can discuss the two contests in the contest updates thread, with feedback.
  • Guess the Author_Text submissions (156009-1-Guess-the-Author_Text-submissions.doc)
  • #619161
    Respected Madam.

    I have just now sent my gradings of the paras to the e-mail id provided in the contest threads. Kindly confirm receipt of the same.

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  • #619163
    Even I have emailed my votes for the authors.

  • #619170
    Just now I have sent my gradings for the paras to the email address given in the thread. I hope you have received it. Please acknowledge the receipt of the same.
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  • #619185
    I am sending my evaluations right now!
    I think, I missed this interesting contest.

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  • #619190
    I had sent the rating points by email. Pls confirm receipt.

  • #619208
    I just now emailed my votes for authors.
    Please acknowledge the receipt.


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  • #619220
    I have received so far the votes of Partha, Neethu, Dr Rao, Aditya, Venkiteswaran, Neeraj, Padmini. Thank you.
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  • #619221
    I have sent my gradings of the GTA 2 texts to your e-mail ID at 1118 hrs today Thursday. Please confirm the receipt of the same.

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  • #619228
    I have mailed my votes just now.

  • #619334
    Sun & GSAdhiks, I received your entries yesterday. Thank you. Everyone can now give their feedback in the updates thread if they so wish. I have revealed a few things through a teaser response there.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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