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    Why vegetables are good for health

    Many of our elders advise us to consume more vegetables and they say they are healthy. These days many doctors say that consuming vegetables will enhance the lifespan, decrease the chances of getting unhealthy. If our lunch plate is half filled with fruits and vegetables you need not go to a doctor they say. The reasons for this may be the vegetables contain very fewer calories. The calories our body consumes for digestion of vegetables are more than what calories our body get from vegetables. They contain a variety of Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They contain potassium which is good for controlling Blood Pressure. Many vegetables contain fibres which will make you full of less quantity of food. Members please consume more vegetables and be healthy.
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    Without going into details of vitamins and minerals present in it what I feel that vegetables are natural source of food supplement through which one can get good amount of energy. Moreover green vegetables and leafy vegetables are always good for health. Those who are having eye sight problems are recommended to take more greenish and leafy vegetables. Given the high cost of some vegetables these days there are people who made the practice to cook and eat only leafy vegetables and keep their health good. Even for the old people leafy vegetables are good.
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    Vegetable are good for our health because vegetables are rich in Vitamin C and calcium helps prevent eyesight problems including risk of cataracts, strengthen teeth and bones. Eating fresh and seasonal vegetables will also give glow to our face. Vegetables also help to maintain a mother's health while pregnent and prevent birth defect in babies. A folic-acid containing vegetables like bean and cereals provide the best source of iron. Vegetables play an essential role in our diets, as they support the normal functioning of the different body system. While eating cooked vegetables is healthy for our health, in certain situation, it is big advantageous to eat raw vegetables because cooking destroys main nutrients such as vitamin C and also kills vital enzymes that help our body to digest such foods.

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    Green vegetables contain minerals and vitamins. They keep away diseases and make our body and system healthy.
    More over there varieties of vegetables in the market to choose from. A wide range is available,with varied tastes. Vegetables in either form ,raw or otherwise give lot of nutrients to our body. They contain fibres, pottassium,and vitamins which are important for the growth of children. Vegetables help in fighting against diseases and some help in lowering cholesterol levels.
    People on diet prefer to have only vegetables as it help in weight management.

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    Many dieticians, nutrition experts focus on fruits and vegetables as they are an easy source of all the good things that are needed for the body cells to repair and replenish to function better. A couple of suggestions are, often the fruits are waxed or sprayed with chemicals, same with vegetables, we have to buy it from a trusted source (difficult) and wash them carefully before consuming it or giving it to children. Often traditional cooking in India means vegetables are boiled and overcooked which results in loss of the good nutrients. Greens (soppu or keerai) also should not be boiled too much but just blanching or steaming them helps. People with chronic kidney disease and people on blood thinning medications should be careful about taking too much potassium (banana/tender coconut water) and ginger/garlic respectively.

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    In our daily practice many vegetarian eaters consume vegetables in their daily routine. But nowadays, I believe some doctors would have seen patients who eliminate vegetables, so that the repeated advice from doctors in using vegetables are coming. But normally in olden days the vegetables used daily differently day by day. In big cities only the atrocity of big vegetable shops are selling at high cost.

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    Vegetables are good for our health and important too. They are the source of vitamins and proteins. Green and leafy vegetables are a rich source of protein. Spinach is very good for health.
    We should always eat vegetables during our meals.

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    Apart from healthy amounts of minerals and vitamins, foods obtained from plant sources are also rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants defend our bodies from the harmful effects of free radicals, which are responsible for many life-threatening diseases, like cancer and cardiovascular diseases among others.

    The fibre available in veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds is of two types, soluble and insoluble. The soluble fibre acts like a sponge and keeps the arteries clean, while the insoluble fibre provides bulk to the food, helping the digestive tract to remain healthy.

    Even though plant-based foods are prescribed as a healthy diet, some precaution must be taken while consuming them. Some people can have allergic reactions to certain veggies, for example, brinjal and colocasia. Some plant-based foods are high in calories, for example, nuts and seeds. Certain fruits can increase the blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

    The skins of fruits and vegetables have the most nutrients and as far as possible, veggies and fruits should be consumed with the skin, after thorough washing.

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