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    Differences between Smiles and Laughs

    Smile and Laugh. These two words all known to all of us. We use these words very often. We use both of them as Synonyms. We interchange these words. We say the boy is laughing and at the same time we may say the boy is smiling. But there is some difference between these two. Both words can be used as nouns or verbs.
    When you laugh your teeth are visible whereas when you smile no teeth are visible.
    When you laugh you will open your mouth whereas when you smile you need not open your mouth.
    When you laugh you are bound to make a noise whereas when you smile you need not make any noise.
    A smile is a positive expression whereas a laugh need not be a positive expression always. Sometime it may be a negative expression also.

    Please add any other differences you know to this list, dear members.
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    One can observe lots of difference between smile and laugh. While smile is the constant reaction to our talking with others and it also signifies that our talking has been impressed and they are responding with smile which cannot be told in words. While laughter is the loud outburst on our cracking joke or some thing hilarious happened at that moment of time. While women are known for giving greater smile reactions to their various gestures, men always ends up with loud laughter even the situation does not warrant. But good laughter would make all our muscles shake and that is one kind of great exercise.
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    I think a laugh is nothing but a big smile, smiles are difficult to interpret and the best example in history is the smile of Monalisa that has been debated endlessly. I think many factors decide the meaning and the message of a smile or a laugh. For instance, people who are spontaneous and bubbly when given a chance will laugh quickly and easily. but people who are serious and strict would smile with hesitation. When someone slips and falls, a child will laugh without any hidden meaning but an adult can laugh with sarcasm. Most often when people meet strangers or are at the public place they will be careful of their body language so that they are not misunderstood, many would just give a small smile instead of laughing. The most unpleasant thing about smiling is to smile at the expense of somebody else's suffering. It is cruel and abnormal to smile at someone going through a bad patch in life. Whether it's a smile or a laugh, it should be appropriate and not open for misunderstanding.

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    Laugh is a huge smile, most of the time with sound. In English language, laughing, smiling, guffawing are similar actions with subtle difference.
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    Scientifically speaking laughter is a panic response. But smile is a positive response. All beasts smile when they are content with their bounty. But it is seen in primates that laughter actually provokes another for a fight.
    Ever observed? When you're tickled, you laugh. Where does it tickle ? On soft tissues, underneath which there are vital organs.
    So,in panic, we laugh. Smile on other hand is always positive unless it is a sarcastic smile.

    What you said is equally acceptable and what Natarajan said is true too.

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    Besides this, there are different types in laugh itself. We can see the different type of laugh in our routine life. A famous comedy actor of Tamilnadu late N.S.Krishnan acted in one film by explaining various types of laugh (sirippu in Tamil).Though the language may not be understood one can enjoy this by seeing the same.

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    My simple difference. Only the females should smile, and the males should laugh. Smile is beautiful and laugh is wonderful. Smile will be remembered for ever, whereas laugh will be lost forever. A lady will look more beautiful and attractive with her smile, but she will look awkward if she laughs with her mouth open and her teeth visible.
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    A smile is soft and little. It is the instant change in expression, when both the lips go upwards and smile. We can bring a smile to people's face by appreciating them or by greeting them when we meet them. A smile is like a light in the darkness.
    A laugh is a highly expressive emotion. We burst out into laughter when we smile with our heart. A laugh comes out of great happiness, and satisfactory happiness. Laughing is a very good habit. It will relieve our nervous system and cools down our mind.

    Mr. Sun, why females should only smile, why can't they laugh?
    The beauty is in fact when we laugh, it showcases immense happiness. Howsoever we look in laughing, it does not matter. I know you talked about etiquette. But I don't think that there is any point saying anything like that. Please do not make females different from others, we all have equal rights to expressions.

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    You are mistaken. Having equal rights can not make man a woman and woman a man. What I mean is - Ladies look good with the smiles not with laughs. Ladies should be humble and simple with their expression limited to smiles only. They should not try to become man with their good laugh. Really speaking. I hate laughing women, but love all smiling women.

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    Mr. Sun, I talked about expressions, not simply the rights. No woman wants to become a man, why would they do so?
    Laughing is natural, it is never a forceful expression. All human beings look awesome when they are laughing. Your perception is different, just I can say that.

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