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    Being argumentative and with different opinion is not a bad thing

    Argument, the word comes with various connotations but mostly interpreted in negative ways. However, there are various instances in the history of humans where argumentative nature of an individual has lead to amazing innovations and discoveries. Some of the examples of these argumentative individuals are- Aryabhatta who went against the ongoing beliefs of his time about various subjects, Einstein who refused to believe what was common opinion of scientist of that time and these were the people who gave new dimensions to the thinking of common public and generations ahead. These were the people whose thinking were far beyond the time in which they were.
    Often we hesitate to share our opinion when we think differently than others and keep it to ourselves. But if our intuitions tells us it is the right thing and we are right in what we are thinking then we should be able to speak and take a stand for our opinion and remember those great people who were different and argumentative and achieved the greatness.
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    I feel instead of calling them as argumentative, it is better to call them discussion natured. Always a discussion will lead to a positive note and arguments go the other way. Arguments will be done by people who feel that whatever they feel is correct. But the discussion is for the people who want to get the merits and demerits and make a decision. As you said some great people stuck to their guns and later on proved that they are correct. In these issues also what I feel is that they have not argued but they discuss the points and finally, they proved that they are correct. Great people will never argue, they will prove that they are correct. The argument will come only when we get a feeling that we are losing the battle. But the argument also helps sometimes. When the other side is not understanding the point and going making useless arguments we may also have to resort to argument only.
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    I think it would sound better if we say Being assertive with one's different viewpoint or opinion. We should question existing practices, rigid rules and protocols, unscientific beliefs and traditions but we should do it in a way that it doesn't offend people. An argumentative approach can be perceived as an aggressive negative approach to a fact or statement. History is full of examples wherein great minds way ahead of that time period were persecuted and shunned by the rest because even though they were correct their thinking was way off the normal people.
    For instance, some people just close their eyes and say a prayer at a temple, in contrast, there would be people who offer pooja worth a few thousand rupees at the same temple. You cannot go and start an argument with them just because you feel it's a waste. you can certainly discuss and put forth your viewpoint without offending the rest. Being assertive should always be based on the people opposed to you as many are narrow-minded.

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    It is quite natural that we may have difference of opinion. It is also quite natural that we try to establish our viewpoint in a civilized debate. That is the tradition of India. Amartya Sen has described it in his famous book ''The Argumentative Indian''.
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    Argumentative is quite different from original thinking or creativity. Arguments are advanced to establish one's own view when something is discussed and debated. Arguments normally happen when there are different views of a matter and we have to see that our view is established.
    Those who have something new and original as invention, creation or discovery will establish the same with strong proofs and justifications. They will not indulge in only arguments.
    A person remains argumentative when he does not have anything right and proper from his side, but does not want to concede his fault or deficiency. Argumentative person i blindly adamant. He will not see reason. Nothing positive will come out by argumentative nature. It can however spoil many good shows.

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    I don't agree with Mr. Venkiteswaran when he says that "Argumentative people are blindly and adamant." Actually, when an argument happens keeping the evidence and proof and the other party could not reply it just because they have no "answer" for that, people (mostly the knowledgeable people in our society) start spreading messages that so and so person is adamant. Since, because of their show up of being and "honest" in everything easily influence people to agree with him/her.

    If at all some people feel that argumentative people are adamant why can't they shut their mouth when they have "depth of the knowledge and support". It is natural that when you can't get grapes, you can call it sour grapes. So, If anyone is argumentative, definitely something is not clear to him, rather than calling adamant why can't we provide a solution.

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    Arguing with others may be acceptable as right but the point of subject or topic should be well versed before arguing and that should be a correct one. Without having a valid point if one arguing means it is just waste and the discussion with such person is also a waste. There are some people just giving his/her denial without second thought once a proposal given. We should think for what purpose he/she is telling should get understand first.

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    When your argument has a positive outcome, it will never be considered a negative opinion. It will create a good, positive impact.
    "Argument" - the word sounds negative. When searched on google, it gave me the meanings in two formats:
    1. First was "exchange of opposite or diverging views, typically a heated or angry one"
    2. Second was "a set of reasons given in support of an idea or theory"

    In both the above sentences, it is clear the way word argument is being used will create a different impact. If you will argue in support of a right or positive approach, it is going to give you a fruitful outcome.
    But, if it just an opposite view coming out of anger, it could have a negative effect on the listener. Of course, everyone will have different opinions on every issue. It is the way how we put forward our opinions in front of others. If we consider arguments as a positive set of views, the results would be worth accepting to us.

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    I do appreciate being argumentative is the personal right of any Individual to put forth their views and perspectives. Arguments must be based on the facts known to both the persons to the party. If one person is arguing with facts and other is simply not agreeing without revealing his potential to prove what is wrong , then the argument is waste and wont have any conclusion. Some people argue for the sake of the discussion and then shy away in proving their point of order. It is futile to discuss issue with such persons. But arguments are always enjoyable if both persons have equal knowledge on the subject.
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