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    Who looks after the family of a convict?

    Crimes take place in the country and the culprits are caught and sent for trial in the court. The court after proper examination of the case awards sentences to those proved guilty of the crime. The Convict will be put in jail for the term dictated by the court. The convicts family meanwhile is left with no one to support them. They will face financial and other problems in the society. The family of the convict is at no fault but because of the crime committed by the convict, his or her family suffers. The children in the family may become antisocial elements as there is no one to take care of them. Who will look after such a family? Is it the responsibility of the Government or the society to take care of such families? Is it advisable to leave the family to fend for themselves?
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    A genuine doubt. I never got this doubt. I feel they have to take care of them by themselves. The convict is convicted because he is guilty. In many cases, the position of the family depends on the type of the person convicted. In case of Sasikala even though she is in jail she is having the comforts of a five-star hotel and her family is having plenty of money. So there is no problem with her family. Same is the case with many political convicts. The convicts in theft and other cases they will be coming and going to jails and as such their families will have their own means of livelihood. Like this the convicts in murder cases and other similar cases, they will have their own arrangement with the people by whom they were hires for these murders. So there is no necessity that the government has to take care or the society has to care.
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    A thought-provoking thread. Society lays out the opportunities for the crime, the criminal just commits it, so directly or indirectly it becomes the responsibility of the society and its elected bodies to take care of the welfare of criminals and their families.
    Apart from the elite convicts who have an unbelievable lifestyle behind bars or outside the country, the fate of common criminals would be predictable. It's hard for people around the poverty line to earn and live a life with dignity, it would be worse for the families of convicts. Good or bad, the convict was one of the breadwinner, with him behind bars, their earnings are gone. Families have to face the social tag of a criminal's family and face more hardships. They also have to find sources to afford the lawyers, travel and other expenses. So it is an uphill task. I think this is a harsher punishment meted out by the Higher power than being behind bars.

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    Nobody is thinking about their family members' fate before doing any action. Many of us doing certain things as of they intend but later suffering a lot. Especially the convicts, they do argue that they did the crime or action only for the benefit of his family members but the real, practical situation of them is entirely different. Though many argues differently the society will definitely a task to them.

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