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    Do some have more faith in the priest than God?

    Having been to many temples, I find something beyond my comprehension. One of them is the amount of reverence some people have for the priests. On visiting the temple, people look for their favourite priests, respectfully listen to their comments, give them money even before the pooja is done. After a quick prayer, they go back to chat with the priest.

    I've seen priests coming in a luxury SUV with plenty of chains, mouth full of beetlenut, talking, wiping his hands and then picking up a lemon from the feet of the idol to give to people.Some fall at the priest's feet after being given a lemon or flowers in this way. In many big temples, people approach priests and for Rs500 or Rs1000, you are taken directly to the inner sanctum bypassing the rest of the crowd, have a darshan and come back.It looks as if their attention is more on the priest rather than the temple & paying their true obeisance to God.

    On the other hand, a handful of people take their time to admire the Lord's idol, take in the beauty of the alankaram, sit in peace reciting a silent prayer. Such people don't bother much of the temple priest, it is as if they are in communication with God rather than the priest.
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    it is true. In many places, people care more for the priest than the God. They feel that he is the living representative of the God. Whatever they talk to the priest will be told to the God, they believe. As they are not allowed to touch the feet of the God they feel happy and also feel that they have touched the feet of the God by touching the feet of the priest. But a priest is really sensible he will never expect any worship to him by the devotees. It is a rule that in a temple only the God is to be worshipped but not others. The priest in a famous temple may have the luxury of SUV and other facilities. But in many places, the priests are suffering badly without proper salaries and their families under a lot of poverty. These days girls are not ready to marry a priest. They are refusing to marry them. I know a lot of bachelors in the priest families are facing this problem. Anyhow the God will help them if they are really true to the God,
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    The comments about the Chief priests made in the thread apply only to a very small number of priests. The temples where priests are making money are not many. In majority of temples the income is limited since only limited people come there for worshipping. At the same time in temples such as Sabarimala temple in Kerala things are different
    The chief priest will make crores during the season. There the visitors will first visit inside the temple and worship the God. Afterwards they go to the priest and give dakshina to him. This amount will be thousands these days. This is how they get money. But such cases are very few. Hence the statement cannot be generalised.

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    Generally common people don't get the chance to interact with God (only great Saints can do this). So, the common people take the priests as the messengers of God. This is applicable for the followers of all religions.
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    Like we keep more faith in the driver than the vehicle. We pay the driver(conductor) only. Not the vehicle direct. In fact it is because of the driver the vehicle becomes useful to us at that time.

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    Priests are the "mouth or tongue" of God. You know that God can't or won't speak to you, so having conversation with a walking mouthpiece becomes essential. Priests have an enchanting air around them.
    We are naturally drawn towards them.
    I believe neither in Gods nor in humans. My personal views are rather revolting.
    God cannot soothe you in pain. He can only give you spiritual comfort. Physical and mental cajolry will only be given to you by a priest in distress.
    Priests are mere humans and they can do whatever they want. And it is rather easy for us to talk to the priest than to stare at the idol that won't speak.
    Priests claim that they can remove your curse through rituals . That gains them all the favors they desire. I think we must maintain a good relation with the "tongue of God".

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    I don't approach the priest/poojari in the temples. They are quick money earners by uttering few Sanskrit slogans. In small temples, I get to know the status of the priest/poojari and offer them accordingly. In big temples, I don't try get into shortcuts by paying some sum to the priest or the temple authorities to touch the idols or to sit close to the idols. I stand in the general queue for free dharshan. While I stand on the queue, I chant the slogans in Tamil that I always have it in my purse. The time passes, and I reach the idol to tell my prayers to the God. If the queue is large, and if it consumes my time, I would stand outside the temple and salute him and return. I drop my offerings into the Hundi placed there, never on the plates of the Poojari.

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    The faith on priest is not an ordinary one as many devotees believes that the priest is an agent of God . This is because of many temples priests are doing pooja only without engaging themselves into other activities not related to spiritual or ritual. I am seeing many priests in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu Temples are chanting some slokas or mantras even when they are idle before the idol. This will empower the idol as well themselves more and more. In some temples of remote villages we can see priests doing some service to the devotees by telling 'Arul vakku'.

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