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    Advice to the younger generation: Always expect the unexpected

    I am now 50+. As a middle-aged man with more than 28 years of Government Service under my belt, I have acquired some experience. The valuable life experience is required to be shared with younger generation. So, I am trying to do the same.

    Younger friends, have you worked under bosses? Have you developed good relation with your boss? If not, try to establish good relation with him/her as early as possible. Otherwise you will have unpleasant surprises. Your inefficient colleagues would get leave, you won't. You work very hard, but your APAR grading won't show much difference from the APAR grading of your inefficient colleagues. You will give useful and effective suggestions, your boss will try to take credit of it.

    So, develop good relation with your boss, otherwise expect the unexpected, i.e., unpleasant surprises. If you don't pay heed to my advice, be prepared to fight it out like me (of course, not literally).

    This is universal rule. It is also applicable in ISC. Develop good relation with the Lead Editor of the section where you are most active. For example, Members most active in Forum section must have good relation with the Lead Editor of this section, otherwise you may find your thread (which you may have prepared after lot of effort/studying), gets deleted unexpectedly.

    Young Members! Take advice from this middle-aged man. You may find such advice useful in future.
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    I feel that relationship and performance are two different things. Having good relationship should mean you do your work properly and diligently. If your work is impressive I don't think developing great relationship for getting favours is a good idea. My motto is Do the best and leave the rest.
    Regarding having good relations with the Lead editor I don't have much experience, in fact I have recently started responding to the threads, although I am a member since 2010.
    One should rather be prepared for the unexpections rather mainting relationship for getting favours.

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    Well I do appreciate the author for giving the wonderful advise of sailing with boss at the office for hassle free life in work sphere, I wont agree for his comparison of same yard stick with that of cordial relations with the lead editor of this site for being active here. At ISC only right performing candidates by fully adhering to the posting guidelines and rules are regarded and respected. I have not seen lead editors unnecessarily interfering or creating problems for any members on the basis of grudge. But in the offices when you are supposed to work under a set up, surely you cannot over take the rights of the immediate boss and thus difference of opinion comes. We are bound to give respect the the immediate boss and section head. Then only our service record will be without any adverse remarks , as it matters while giving promotions.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am on this ISCactive from last almost a year. Today only I came to know that there will be a lead editor earmarked for each section. I don't know who is the lead editor for forum section. Is there a place on the website where we can find the names of all the editors and their sections. If it is there I request you to let me have the details.
    Coming to the relation with the boss I fully agree with the information given by Partha. You may be working better, your services may be very important for the Organisation, even then the relationship with your boss will count in your appraisal. There is a tule that The Boss is always correct. So some bosses never like arguments and never like suggestions. They will say please do what I say. Whether there is any logic in his approach or not is not your botheration. Do the work and tell him the result. Let him decide whether it is right or wrong. Some people adopt this procedure. Many times bosses look for 'Yes boss' type people.

    always confident

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    The first part would be true in some cases like in yours. At the end of the day, one has to decide what is important and what is not important. It is nice to have lofty ideals but the world is uneven playing field where there are no rules. People take many shortcuts to have a good life and have a good chance to earn better. One of the ways that is not illegal is to be in the good books of the boss. Pampering or keep the supervisors happy so that when need comes, we would be considered favorably. I've seen employees carrying the boss's bags, walking them up to their cars and opening doors, desperately trying to position themselves, never missing a chance to remind the boss of their 'loyalty'. This may not be everyone's cup of tea,personally I don't bother too much about such people, I just go with the flow and the rest is taken care by HIM.

    I would disagree with the second part. I'm active in forum but don't know anyone apart from a couple of useful suggestions given by the admin about posts. I've never had any binding placed on me.

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    Individual experiences cannot be generalized as guidelines for the others. When we are working in an organization under a higher authority, there will not be a problem as long as we do our work properly and in time. There may be some people who try to boss over the subordinates. In such cases, it is always better to do the work the way he wants. Ultimately he will be responsible as we are doing as per his instructions. It is always better to maintain good relations with everyone in the office including the boss. All the people will not be having the same mentality. We have to maintain our relations accordingly. It is always better to realize our mistakes and correct them instead of finding fault with others. It is easy to find fault with others than to realize our own faults.
    A thread in the forum is deleted not because of any individual but depending on the merit of it. If one is flouting the rules repeatedly, they will face such situation. Any advice given to youngsters should be a sane one.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    It matters you are right Partha sir. Especially in our country, where brotherhood is the most important criteria, where people will also consider your worth. You need to have a better understanding with your manager, to have good appraisals and that will, of course, have to be shown in work as well.

    A good understanding can only be developed if your work is visible to your manager. The efforts you are putting should be visible in his eye.
    In ISC, since this website is running on some rules and regulations. And obviously nothing is wrong in this, rules are needed to help people post things with right guidelines. In any way, we are always learning from this website. When something goes wrong, which is not known to us, we can always ask back.
    But yes, I will agree with you, we need to talk nicely and maintain good relationships with elders to keep growing, that will be helpful always in our lifetime.

    Do what inspires you !!

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