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    Job aspirants are you prepared for India 2022 ?

    In 5 years, 37% of Indian Employees will be employed in new job roles. 9% of us would be in jobs that never existed.

    In a recent survey by FICCI & NASSCOM about the future of jobs in India, a whole set of forecasts have been issued. Many national papers have a summary of this report.

    Rapid urbanisation, changing demographics, increase in online business, globalisation all is bound to shake the existing sectors.

    In the next two years, a slow down is predicted as the trade and business houses re-align themselves to accommodate the changing Indian demands.This would mean modifying or tailoring the individual talent and strengths to the new job needs.

    Potential freshers and new graduates would have to re-assess their skill set to ensure that they can take the opportunities as they come by.
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    Great to note that unemployment problem in the country is going to solve in next five years as there are going to be 37 percent new opportunists for the qualified youth. What is more interesting that about 9 percent of new areas would be thrown open as jobs. Surely India is already having formidable qualified candidates and in another three to five years many engineers, chemical engineers and lots of professionals are going to make their presence felt and if the promise of new jobs true, then there is going to be virtual job mela for the youth who can grab jobs of their choice and get permanent.
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    Yes. I have also seen in the newspapers. If it is going happen really many of the youth of our country will have plenty of chances for getting a potential job. As expressed by the author the youth should reassess their skills and try to equip with the required skills to have better chances of grabbing the best-suited employment. A revamp of some of the existing systems will be taking place and a new hybrid system will come into existence in which there will be the new skill requirements and more opportunities for the youth. So the students should think in that line and should get equipped with extra skills in addition to their regular degrees and get ready for the batting. I feel there will be a very good development in our country industrially in the coming five years which is going to generate very high chances for skilled people employment.
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