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    She was in a recording studio alone and the time is tickling to late evening. Suddenly the power goes off and she does not have the emergency light nor the cell phone battery to help her. And as she reaches to the main door it got locked from out side. Now her situation becomes more worst. She could not make call, she cannot shout nor her voice reach others as the room is sound proof. The room does not have the customary ventilation nor the window. It was the actual time to leave for her home after finishing recording. Now what to do ?

    Continue the story in your own way, but before that give a apt heading.
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    A black night in a dark room:
    She was desperate. She is not able to understand how to get the doors opened. Another thought of some conspiracy by somebody is running in her inner sense. She is praying the God for her safety and simultaneously about ways and means to get the room opened. She is not able to see the entire room in that darkness. Slowly time is passing. After an hour or so slowly the things around are getting slowly visible as the eyes are getting adjusted. All of a sudden in a corner she found the intercom. Slowly she walked there and tried the numbers to see whether anybody is there in the office. She exactly doesn't know the number of the security room number. She kept on trying. Ultimately the security guard responded and she informed the guard that she was alone in the recording room and somebody locked the room from outside.
    Unfortunately, the keys are not with the security. So he tried contacting the Administration in charge of the studio and no response is coming. Finally, the guard is able to catch hold of the administration in charge around 1 AM and informed the situation to him. As it is midnight he said that he will try to reach the office as early as possible. Somehow he managed to reach the office around 3 AM and opened the room.
    She thanked God for his help and also expressed his gratitude to the security guard and the Administration in charge and left on her vehicle to her residence. A black night of her life in a dark ended without any much problem.

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    Title: Her last dark night.
    The bold and beautiful lady in the darkness rewound her memory and got into the flash back of her first night after her marriage on 26th December 2004. It was her dark first night without any electricity as there was a Tsunami on that day. Her first night was with a candle. The candle gave light for few hours and they had only dark hours. During the course of her past thinking, she Invited courage and searched for a water bottle to quench her thirst. She got a bottle in hand, opened it and drank it. She realised it as a sour drink. After few minutes, her head started rolling, and she felt that it was a hot liquor. The intoxication made her to shout and abuse the people of the recording studio .

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    Nightingale trapped in the dark.

    The initial shock and anxiety and shouting slowly gave way to reality as did darkness to a dim vision. As time passed by her breathing and heart rate came down and she dozed off in exhaustion. She woke up quickly settled down in the corner of the studio and slowly started to recollect the layout of the studio. As she raked her brain, she was amazed at the things she could recollect and was thankful to God for all the important things she could recollect. She got up slowly and started to feel her way through the darkness, clumsily she knocked down an object that fell with a thud and rolled to her feet. Picking it up, she felt lucky as it was a bottle of juice that she gulped down gratefully. Then, she quickly remembered that she had hung her bag near the door and she quickly rummaged the bag and found a couple of chocolates that was from her birthday party yesterday. In an instant, she realized that her brother had given her a new phone that was fully charged and it was in her bag. She quickly pulled it out, switched on, made a call to her brother. He dashed to the recording studio and with the help of the security in charge opened the back door and rushed in with a flashlight. Both the guard and her brother broke open the door just in time to let her out safely.

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