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    We can't call them animals even.

    Today morning while going through the newspaper a news time left me in deep sorrow. I am not able to understand for a moment where we are going.
    In the state of Telangana, in two different places, two different incidents of similar nature took place yesterday. A young man of age around 23 years raped a girl of 6 years by showing her a chocolate and killed her with a fear that she may inform her family. The happening is same in both the cases. In both the cases, the families of the man and the girl are known each other.
    What is wrong in the society these days? Why is this kind of incidents so frequently happening? Are we travelling to civilisation or going back to the era of the stone age? I don't feel even animals will not behave like this. These culprits should be hanged to death in a public place so that no other man will do similar acts in future. Members, do you agree?
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    These are people who are unfit to be called as humans beings and such people are spread out among us who keep committing such atrocities that defy human logic. What is the need to commit such acts, there are other means for that. Why harm a child and kill her, now the poor parents have to suffer for years to come by and silently crying every time they see a happy child and wonder who their child would look every year. A life full of joy is suddenly snatched by these psychopaths who have no reason to be spared. For such individuals, unstable mind, sadistic thoughts, the influence of alcohol or drugs push them to commit these acts and children become the easiest target, if a chocolate is given, the poor child accepts it without thinking as it is used to taking sweets from adults. I think we need stringent punishment that would involve losing the right to live but death punishment would be highy debated and there would be people who support saving the lives of these worthless people.

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    Even animals are better than such human beings. Animals never hurt their own family. Such cruel people should be hanged to death. In fact, people who are committing such crimes, should not be even heard because they do not deserve it at all. The best punishment is to hang them immediately, such a law should be implemented and are very much needed.
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    I thought nobody has seen this thread or nobody has taken this thread seriously. But today I have seen two postings and I am happy for that. Both the replies are almost in line with my feelings and thoughts. The punishment system should change for such acts and the culprit should be hanged immediately openly. There may not be any second opinion about it.
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    Dr. Rao: I read this thread earlier, but refrained from making any comment.What can be said about those animals who don't even consider children who have not yet attained puberty?
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    In India the children are considered as forthcoming rulers. Especially girl children are worshiped as 'suvani'. If person seducing a small child he is worse than any. Such people are worse than animals. The pity in such cases are the punishment to such criminals are not sufficient, taking time to grant judgement, giving bail to them and in some cases they are escaping simply from any punishment. The punishment to such crimes should be a lesson to other from e ven not to think of such crimes.

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    It is really unfortunate that there are some people who have perverted mind and they behave like animals and carry out such heinous crimes.
    It is sometimes unbelievable that a person can go to such extent and even kill the victim.
    The society is having such elements and it is a continuous fear for the unprotected vulnerable children and women.
    The overall upliftment of society is required to minimise or eradicate such crimes.

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    Such child rape criminals should not be shown mercy. They should not be booked and tried. The should be put behind the bar and then produced to the public for punishment. Any lawyer coming forward to take over the case and save a rape case victim should also be treated by the public. This is not happening in one state, but in all Indian states. Few get noticed, and many go unnoticed.
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