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    If 'Satyameva Jayate' is our motto, then why do we study history full of untruths?

    'Satyameva Jayate' ('Truth Alone Triumphs') is India's national motto. It is inscribed on our national emblem, the Lion Capital of Sarnath, below the Dharma Chakra or Ashoka Chakra. The complete quote from the Mundaka Upanishada states: 'Satyameva jayate naanritam / Satyena pantha vitato devayanah (Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood. Through Truth the divine path is spread out).'

    If this is our national motto, then why do the political leaders and historians have forced us to study false/incorrect history after independence? Indian students don't know the glory of ancient India. Indian students don't know the true picture of medieval India. They don't know the condition of Indian people during the so-called modern era. Even they don't know the true history of the freedom movement, partition of undivided India and subsequent bloodbath in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    Why didn't the politicians and historians follow the motto which they themselves accepted? When would the students of the country learn true history?
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    It is true. The history books what we study in our high school(I studied history up to my SSC only)supposed to contain correct history published in ancient books and written by various authors. It need not give complete information. But they might have taken care in giving correct information in the history whatever they were given. But unfortunately, it is not the case. What we study we believe. Many of us never concentrated on history as we are busy in our line of activity and more should be learned in that line. But nowadays when I hear or read so many journals, books and articles in various books, we get confused why we were taught a false information.The historians and the then governments might have sculptured the history in those books. It is a practice go by what is written in the books. But when we read different books the variations especially in prescribed textbooks is causing lit of concern. There is a hell lot of difference what is our motto to tell to others and what is our motto in practising.
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    History is something which I consider is tough to remember, that is why I also do not much remember what we studied in history during our childhood. In fact, it is needed, to know it for all of us.
    It all comes out of interest, once we grow up. But for the youngsters, the government could conduct some useful seminars to teach about the significance of Indian history.

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    The author has come up with thoughtful thread and it needs to be answered and deliberated. Yes Truth Triumphs is our motto and there was always a dispute among people not agreeing to a point in toto and thus difference of opinion always existed in the past too and that has become history and the books have been written on that lines. Though we are averse to read and agree with the untruth of the past, we are forced to read and follow the bitter past and thus history itself has become a mockery for some who see a sabotage kind of behaviour by some. I suggest the government must consider appointing eminent scholars to dig at the past and prepare the history with full facts and not distorting anything so that the present generation also knows the reality of the past and how the real things are concealed and dumped.
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    Ms. Pooja Srivastava: In this thread I am talking about teaching incorrect history and not about learning history. Most of the students don't find any interest in this subject because they read history full of falsehood which, they think, has no career prospect.
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    This thread on history went past me earlier. A nice introspection about our history. Truth and only truth will withstand the test of time, this has been taught to us in moral science classes but as we grow up we realise that truth becomes a relative term depending on the circumstances and truth and lies go hand in hand and sometimes the differentiation is blurred. Moving on to history, the facts recorded in history is based on word of mouth, writings of learned people and official texts of governments.
    Each entry is potentially exposed to inherent bias by the person writing the history, then as time passes by it is passed on by word of mouth or by historians wherein the bias once more can creep in. Certain events that even though true can be potentially dangerous to the harmony and integrity of the Indian unity, these events would be watered down or presented in a manner that any particular community doesn't feel offended.
    Currently, history can be and has been misused for personal gain by politicians and leaders as it is easy to pick and choose what suits them and publicise the facts.
    As far as the time when students can learn true history is probably when they are mature to handle history as an educative tool rather than a tool to flame their emotions and sentiments.

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    I expect other Members also express their valuable opinion. Shouldn't we follow our motto 'Satyameva Jayate' and start teaching correect history to the young students of our country? Don't they have the right to know and learn the truth?
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    I think History is not taught in the way it should be because the curriculum has stayed for so many years no one took much attention for its enhancement. The government which comes into power they may focus on change of examination pattern, grading system and further competitive exams for jobs but nobody gives much attention to the sallybus and curriculum of at college and school level.
    But now I think slowly government is taking steps and trying to teach student new things like the introduction of chapters in school to teach about the war heroes and martyrs of various military wars in India in school books.

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    How to differentiate between the true history and false history? What one feels is the true history may be a false history to someone else. Is it not better to forget the history altogether? What are the advantages of learning past events and persons?
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    Mr. KVRR has raised some very good questions. As I am dead tired, I am answeering the questions very briefly.

    (a) Learning that Tipu Sultan was a great freeedom-fighter is false history.
    (b) Not teaching Indian students about Goa inquisition or burning of Nalanda University iare examples of teaching history in a harmfully selective manner.
    (c) Not teaching Indian students about the glorious periods of Chola dynasty, Pal dynasty or Vijayanagara kingdom is teaching wrong history.
    (d) Not teaching Indian students about great freedom fighters who took violent ways to kick out British is wrong history.
    (e) Not teaching students about the Sanyasi-Fakir rebellion, Chuarh movement, Santhal movement or Navy mutiny is wrong history.
    (f) The students must study history to know the truly glorious periods of our country so that they feel proud of the nation and work sincerely in life to bring another glorious period in India.
    (g) Students must study history not to repeat the mistakes committed by our forefathers and fight unitedly to destroy the external and internal enemies.

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    Mr. Partha:
    1. There are as many people who feel that Tipu Sultan also known as Tiger of Mysore as a freedom fighter.
    2. This is your personal idea. It is no way harmful and selective.
    3. The history of Chola dynasty and all other important dynasties are taught in history classes.
    4. The British were not kicked out because of the persons who took to violent methods of no use and did not serve any purpose.
    5. This also your personal view.
    6. The students are studying sufficiently about the golden era of the country and they are always proud of being Indians especially after Modiji came to power.If all the topics are to be covered, the students should confine to study of history only and nothing else.
    7. Committing mistakes is a human nature. People want to learn by experience not by someones advise. It is bogey that there are internal and external enemies to our country. Even if they are there, the country is capable of defending itself.

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    "There are as many people who feel that Tipu Sultan also known as Tiger of Mysore as a freedom fighter."-This is the result of teaching wrong history. Many people start believing such wrong history because they are not capable of/interested in delving deep to find the correct fact.

    "It is bogey that there are internal and external enemies to our country. Even if they are there, the country is capable of defending itself."-This is the result of studying history mechanically without understanding. On many occasions in the past, India could not defend itself from foreign invasion with active cooperation from the tratiors.

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    Partha, can you please educate us as to what history is all about? If we are to rewind and turn the pages to suit your ideology, its okay. But to say that what we have learned so far is wrong just because the turn of events does not suit you, I am sorry. Let us not make all Muslims (because you think so) our enemies; there have been (and is still) friends too. I don't believe in being a horse; let us not keep our eyes tied up.
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    What does not suit my ideology?

    (a) Is Goa inquisition an imagination?
    (b) Is burning of Nalanda University for three months incorrect?
    (c) Is killing of nearly one million Hindus in Malabar region by Tipu incorrect?
    (d) What do we know about naval mutiny, the final push given to the British? Why don't we know the details?

    What is my ideology? India's ideology is 'Satyameva Jayate'. Don't you agree?

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    Partha at #620168, I stand by what I said. You may have many questions, but finding answers is not that easy. Your a, b,c,d or e may have different answers and different justifications. To rewrite History is treacherous; let us be beware.
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    Teaching incorrect/incomplete history to the students of the country is ethically wrong and is against the motto of the country, "Satyameva Jayate".
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    Parthaji, you are absolutely correct. Teaching incorrect and incomplete history to the students of this country is wrong. The students should be taught correct history but not a twisted one to suits one's ideology.
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    There has been a hot discussion on this topic in WhatsApp university. Many right wing people are of the opinion that the history taught in school is not conducive to the pride of Hindus and Hindustan. In their views the medieval history must be rewritten in particular and the Indian (Hindustan) history in general. Mostly the Mughal history is the bone of contention. This reminds me the punishment given to Galileo for opposing the heliocentric theory of dogmatic Christian church. After the present government came into power these things are being fanned with strength.

    Mere dissatisfaction with current historical writing cannot suffice. A credible academic counter narrative based on proofs should be offered as a alternative to the present history.
    There is nothing wrong to have difference with the History writing. But, to say that every thing is false is not correct. There should be a unbiased panel of historians to review the history taught in schools. There should not be anything based on some dogma. I am of the opinion that the History teaching should have a nationalist perspective rather than a parochial perspective. Shivaji and Marana Pratap should be taught for their contrbution to the nation and not for to the specific region. The history of freedom strugle should be to promote the nationhood rather than glorification of some specific leaders. Having said this there should be the mention of the forces those opposed the freedom strugle for some ulterior motives. The history should include shortcomings of the society also rather than only false pride and dogma.

    I found that Pakistan has changed her history, we are observing the progress of that country, The narrative of change in history is the easiest thing any government in power can do instead of strengthening economy and generation of jobs. Such type of narratives are convenient for the present government to engage the common man in so called hyper nationalism or pseudo-nationalism so that he should forget the real issues. This will go on till people understand the real meaning behind all this exercise. Satya Meva Jayate!

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    #620994: The author Sunilkanth has started his reply talking about "right wing" people, who are they? The intention is clear in first para itself that what the author is going to say the rest.

    First, let me mention here, no one is trying to say that "everything is false in Indian history", which has been wrongly quoted by the author. I too agree that everything should be taught unbiased about Indian history. And No one here is demanding that Maharana Pratap or Shivaji's should be taught for any specific reason. Their names are big enough to give them respected place in Indian history. There is no false pride to write about for the Maharana Pratap or Shivaji, here I don't know if the author truly know about Maharana Pratap or Shivaji, because he could not even pronounce the proper name of Maharana Pratap and came to talk about them!

    No one here is beating their own drum to give more place or respect to their own region historic people but if other historian have details history to read, why not for them? I am here talking about as per my experience and as per my state's history what I have read. We have to read entire family of Mughals in our history from Babar to Jahangir. I am surprised why their was no family details of Maharana Pratap or Shivaji? If I ask such question, it is not "DOGMATIC" but a genuine question. Is Indian history is all about Mughals? If this is not unbiased history then what?

    The history gives the details about Akbar and calls him "Great" but why Maharna Pratap or Shivaji was not called great, is this because they fought against Mughals?

    Talking is very easy but to answer the question is very hard. One can easily comment and say dogmatic to others but do they know about entire history? If not people should first read it and then come to this discussion.

    No one here is trying to divide India and no one trying to force historian to change the history and glorify the Hindu warriors but it has to be unbiased way and not the way what we have read the history. One can't have 5 pages of details because they are Mughals and one can't have one page of details because they fought against Mughals.

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    Indian History Books have now become a Story books with truth and lies to read for joy and entertainment and forget what was our real history. Every government, after its take over, publishes a new history book with favourable events related to them. They try to change the original history. The latest history books taught in school doesn't cover the past history.

    What I suggest is - Like the bible which has Old Testament and New Testament, we should have the Old History and the Modern History.

    @ While the thread author and other members did not bring out the religion in this thread, it is unfortunate, an editor Saji has a special mention about the religion that would spoil the discussion. Not expected from an editor of ISC.

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