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    How would you feel when you pass a taller person than you are.

    I mean, its really feel funny when you find that even your average height looks small. It happen when I was walking with my colleagues to reach nearest railway station. I saw a head from a distance which was coming out from our opposite direction. We got curious to see that tall man. And I decided that I will walk cross close to him so that I would know how tall he is. As I passed him, I felt really funny as I was just coming to lower than his shoulder. My height is 172 cms which is an average and good height in normally. I literally had to put my head up to see him. My other colleagues than told me how I was looking tiny in front of him. We had a good laughed continue our walking.

    So, member, what will be your feeling when you see such taller person and felt yourself small in front of him.
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    I would never consider myself as small near a tall person. I stand tall in my own steps, take pride in who I am, as I am. I would not feel inadequate near or in front of somebody merely because they have a greater height than I do. People, especially teenagers, nowadays are obsessed with their physique, more so when comparing themselves with others.
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    Its a great attitude, keep it continue. Obviously his height was more than it required.

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    I like to share a small fact which I noted during my childhood. During my childhood, a very tall young man started staying in our locality in Kolkata. The man was very sobre, soft-spoken, educated but he was suffering from gygantism. He was above 7 feet tall. We used to be very astonished seeing him. But more remarkable thing happened later. The man married a young lady from Kanpur. The lady was hardly 5 feet. So, when the couple used to go together, everyone of the locality used to look at them. Till now, I have not seen such contrast among the couples. But they were madly in love with each other.
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    During college days, around 1965, we were very conscious about height. I am 168 cm in height and many of my classmates are almost the same height. Some are taller than us. We used to go to the town in the evenings by walk. On the way, there was a Medical College.In the evenings the students of the Medical College were also used to come out for a walk. We never allowed the taller boys to walk along with us. They were asked to walk ahead of us or behind us. When the shorter people are walking with taller people, they will not get noticed by the girls. It was during that period only. Later on, the height was never a consideration or botheration.
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    In fact, height matters only when you have to get selected for driver post in RTC or constable post in the police department or in the military. Of course, at a young age before marriage, we may be hesitating to walk with taller people as we may not be able to get noticed. For your information, I am the shortest member of my SSC class and Intermediate. But in graduation and post graduation I am the 5th or 6th candidate from less height.In my graduation and post graduation, we 5 or 6 short people used to go out mostly for movies and other entertainments. So I know better the problems. But it never mattered me on any issue. I never felt that I am at a loss. I spent my life very happy so far. I was ahead of many people in many aspects. I reached the top position of the company starting my career as a junior manager cadre. I never compared myself to any tall fellow in any matter.
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    Your posting make me to remember my wife. She was just fat than normal in physique. But according to her she was over weight. She used to ask me whenever we both going out and finding some fat lady as whether that lady is fat than her or not. I just with laugh overcome the question. This was not one time or two whenever we saw some fat lady she used to ask me. Though my wife is not alive, your posting makes me to remember this.

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    I like tall people. I look at them with a certain amount of awe. But that does not mean that I feel inferior. I am happy in what I am. I do not feel even a bit inferior. It is a feeling of appreciation.
    My son is well taller than me. I feel happy and proud when people comment on his height. But I know the problems he faces because of his height at certain situations.
    To stand out may be difficult and unnerving when you are the lone case or in a very minuscule minority- in any parameter. Average is what majority belongs to. We always would like to 'belong to'.

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    It's human nature to notice anything that stands out in the crowd in our field of vision. I also think it is inbuilt into us like a behavioral instinct to be awed/stunned or even intimidated when we see someone bigger, taller, stronger or meaner than us. It's like, when two animals (except carnivores) come within striking distance,they assess each other and either standoff or the smaller on beats a retreat.
    I think similarly, I would be initially intimidated or physically feel smaller when I come across a tall individual but the years behind me in life has given me the maturity and confidence to stand equally tall without any fear or lack of self image in a civilized setting. In an uncivilized scenario, I would still be guarded and intimidated about people bigger than me, I guess it would be the animal instinct within me to be prepared to survive by running away.

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    Well being tall or short surely not in our hands. Some have the personality of looking tall and they keep on growing and some stop growing at the age of 15 and thus remain as short for ever. In our relations and family, I am the tallest but my daughter seems to over take me in few days. So in society looking tall or short does not matter but how we are informed and how we behave with others matters. Though we become a exhibition thing for the others to stare at our height, it wont help them nor us.
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    I always thought I was tall. But lately I see giants in my class. They belittle me literally.
    But I feel weirdly attracted to tall people than get repulsed by them. They're intimidating by looks but tall people are innately very clumsy.
    They are seen as a strange entity.

    I like being around them and my physique aspires to be like theirs.

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    To me, height is not the important consideration, there are other parameters as well deserving immediate attention, such as ones noble gesture and the way how you entertain the people coming across one's life. I have had numerous occasions meeting people of exceptionally high height but their overhaul personality could not leave any charming impression. On the contrary, a few people having shorter height could impress me substantially because of possession of humanly nature - always eager to help the needy people. However, it could be mere coincidences. Hence there is no correlation of excellence in human positive attributes in being either a tall or short person. Let us enjoy the world with the existing physique irrespective of height - consideration.

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    We had some Prime Ministers who were short in height but proved to be powerful in action. We had also charismatic towering personality like Zail Singh as President who appeared to be a political underweight when elected to the office but proved his metal when it necessitated for action. The Supreme Little Master Sunil Gavaskar is still considered to be the one of the all time greats of world class cricket while the giant personality in the form of Kapil Dev mastered his elegance by lifting the Prudential World Cup for the first time for India.

    Therefore, it doesn't matter how tall we are or may be short, it's our dynamism and level of confidence would lead you to success in life.


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    Tall or short is only an attribute of height and no way connected with inferior or superior. It is only our feelings which project it like that.

    When a person is in top position as well has a good height we appreciate his personality but a tall poor person does not draw our attention. Some people think that being tall is a qualification. It is not. It may only be helpful physically in some sports or some jobs that taller people will have an edge over others.

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    The height matters only when we search for our spouse. Yes. it really matters in many ways. But the real love, affection and care ignores the height. Otherwise, the body physique of others doesn't matter. I only wonder the people with extraordinary height beyond seven feet. When the short people worry about their height, I used to ask them to go to a blacksmith to get their body lengthened as desired.
    I generally don't bother to see the size, height, weight, colour, dress and style of others.

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    Frankly speaking, when I was posting this thread, I had never thought of getting a feeling of inferiority when comparing myself with taller person. It was just a curiosity which made me to check myself how do I stand against him. Tall and short should never be an issue when you are doing good for your family and society.

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    I somehow like taller people, but not too tall because they will be the odd ones. I am not very tall or short. I have an average height and have sometimes thought that if I was little more taller as my husband is tall. My dad is taller than me and now my husband is, so my entire life I have been living with people taller than me. So for me, it is an usual thing.
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