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    Aadhar card should be issued from the hospital itself immediately after birth

    I Suggest the following for implementation - From now onwards, the Unique Identity Number (Aadhaar) for the citizens of India should be issued from the hospital itself immediately after the birth. There might be a problem of mentioning the name of the child. In that case, the issue should be handled by the hospital, and efforts should be made by the hospital to get an Aadhar number for the child when the actual name of the child is provided to the Hospital authorities. Some delay can be accepted. All hospitals should be linked with the Aadhar Card issuing authority for the purpose.

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    A good idea. Through the hospitals, we can apply for aadhaar cards just like how we are applying these through the e seva centres. All hospitals need not be given this facility. Gynic hospitals only can be given this facility. But they can't issue directly. They will be acting as an agent only. Actually, it should be issued by the centralised system from a single system all over the country. Another problem which you have already raised is the name. Even birth certificates and information to the government will go from these hospitals only. The municipal authorities will issue the birth certificate after the naming is completed and there is a time period for getting this birth certificate also. As it appears now slowly for admissions in schools, colleges, universities and other institutes also the aadhaar card may become mandatory in coming years. Hence aadhaar cards for children are also very important. Already government started giving advertisements to this effect in AIR.
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    The proposal is not at all feasible. This is simply because the iris and finger impression of a new-born child can't be taken.
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    Nice idea which can be implemented. Every child is born in a hospital or Nursing home and they have all the details of the parents as well. Though the name of the child would be problem, it can be ascertained by the hospital as to probable name the parents wants to keep and along with birth certificate, the hospitals can issue the Aadhaar card also to the child. This way there cannot be any missing of child registration. At present no one is getting registered with UDAI in West Bengal and Union government must stop all aids and loans to that state and thus every one comes under the Aadhaar card ambit.
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    A nice thought but name and details of thumb and eye scan would not be feasible. What can be done is like filling out a birth certificate form, the parents can be given a Aadhaar card form and then a copy can be forwarded by the hospital to the corporation for registry of births and deaths. Once this is done, the parents would have time to fix the name and after the function or ceremony, the family can approach the corporation for the birth certificate. At the same time, the office can collect the details for the Aadhaar card and process the forms. Details from the local office can be sent to the head office of Aadhaar. Then the original birth certificate and the original Aadhaar card ( without biometrics) can be issued to the family by post or collection by hand. Once the child is an adult, then the biometric details can be updated.

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