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    What technology should have been available now that haven't?

    We are busy here showing our worth over others, we are busy here proving who is wrong and who is right, we are busy here discussing who will win the Gujrat election. However, Do you ever roll your mind and think about it that the technology which we should have now has not yet reached to us.

    Yes, when I was kid, I was a fan of "Indrajal" where the Magician Mandrake could read other's mind, where he could able to physically transmit himself from one to other place in no time. There was the story of flying car. So much we have read.

    There was a time, when I was surprised just to know about pocket radio but now it is just the thing of past. There was a time when it was looked a dream to talk to person from different city while you travelling. This too has happened. We have become so advance in technology and always wonder what would be the next?

    As far as I am concern, I really wish if we could able to transmit ourself physically from one to other place. May be it look like a dream now but who knows?

    What is your point of views in this matter?
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    Anything and everything is possible. In our Puranas and mythological dramas, we see God will appear to his very strong disciples. When Draupadi was in a problem in Kaurava Sabha and her husbands are not able to do anything, prayed Lord Krishna. Within no time Krishna was there and relieved her of the problem. How it is possible we think they might have a method to do that. We don't. Like many other things this concept also may be proved right, a man can reach anywhere he wanted physically within no time. When the king of elephants was in problem, the king prayed and called loudly Lord Vishnu and Vishnu reached there within no time and saved the elephant. Many of the things in these Puranas are getting proved by the scientist these days. In Puranas, we know about asarira Vani( Sound without body) and it is nothing but Aakashavani that is Radio.
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    Yes, many things that people never even dreamt off has become a reality.You send a message to a friend how are u? on what's app and from thousands of miles away, you get a instant reply. This is amazing stuff. We all learnt at school that Pluto is the last planet, now planets are being discovered. Recently, I saw a video of a man hovering in the air across a lake like a rocket man with any cables or attachments. When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, many had a dream of traveling to space, now space tourism is a reality, if you have the money, you can visit the moon. Similarly, Who knows, your dream can become a reality in a few decades time. Startrek is the one iconic serial that comes to my mind on reading this thread. People were transported to time and place. Some brilliant team of wonderfully talented minds has to get together, find a way to break up the human body into the tiny molecules or cells, then rapidly push them across to the destination where the molecules can be re-arranged in the format and we can be instantly transported across to places.

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    Technology has changed our lives drastically. We can reach from one place to another in no time, the airplanes are a great form of technology. We can talk to a person sitting in one corner of the world and even see them through video calls facility. Upcoming of android mobile phones, the transformation of a computer to a laptop than to a notebook.
    Now exactly as your thread says, we just need a technological equipment which can take us from one place to another in no time, in an instant. The human mind can do every possible change.
    Technology has no doubt made our lives much easier and comfortable. We are yet to look for more change and to experience it.

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    Unfortunately my friend, teleportation is not yet possible. Infact it breaks all the laws of physics; so you may never teleport.
    What I wish for is a proper AI. We have different types of artifically intelligent operating systems but I wish for a proper AI that could make and take decisions on its own.
    It is physically possible yet different scientists are biased over this topic. They think that AI will take over humanity.
    AI should have come by now.
    Yes, there is a female Android who is completely independent and have an AI but that is not large scale. Each and ever house. Yes, house should come equipped with AI. That is my dream.

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    What has not been achieved is - A wing technology for us to fly on the air as we walk on the road. We have bi-cycles, motor bikes, scooters, cars to be mobile independently. But we haven't thought of flying across the sky from one point to other point in a vehicle independently like a bird both on ground and the space. Is there anything on the pipeline? If we can achieve this, we can satisfy that we have achieved everything technologically.
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