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    Remembering table of nine in novel and easy way.

    I have seen in one media that the multiplication table nine is remembered in a good, easy and novel way.
    First we have to put 1,2,3.... in one by one vertically downwards
    Next putting x mark to all
    next writing 9 against all
    next putting = against all
    next putting 1,2,3.... in one by one vertically downwards from second one by writing 9 against first one
    next putting 1,2,3.... in one by one vertically upwards from last one
    The table is ready now.
    1 x 9=9
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    Instead of putting 1 from the second you can start with 0,1,2,3....... vertically downwards from the first itself. This a good way of remembering the table of 9.
    But the only thing is we should remember the sequence. A Good piece of information from the author. Thanks to him. Similarly, you can do for the 10th table also First writing 1 to 10 vertically down. Then X mark vertically tops to bottom. then 10 from top to bottom.
    Then = from top to bottom. then 1 to 10 vertically from top bottom and finally 0 from top to bottom. The 10th table is also ready. But 10th table is very easy as such to remember.
    A good post by the author

    always confident

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    There are such easy methods given to remember tables. For 9 tables you need not write at all. You can do it with your fingers itself.
    1. Spread out both hands and each finger gets a value of 1 to 10. SO the left thumb would be 1 to start and the ending would be the right thumb that would be 10.
    2.Now if you want an answer for 9 x 3 then bend or fold the finger with number 3(left middle finger) and then count the remaining fingers to the left and to the right of the folded digit.
    3. In this case you will have 2 to the left (left tumb and the left index) and to the right of the folded finger you will get 7 (left ring and little finger with all fingers of the right hand).
    4. The number of fingers to the left of the folded one takes the TENS place and the number of finger to the right of the folded finger takes the UNITS place. The answer here would be 2 and 7, 27.
    5. You can try it for 9x5, the folded finger would be the left little finger and the answer would be 4 fingers to the left and 5 finger to the right. so 45.

    Please give it a try.

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    Mr. Ramchandran: I appreciate your effort of teaching the short-cut of learning tables. But, I don't think most of the people need such methods. Personally speaking, I can tell you table upto 100 (100x100) without any trick, any time. Frankly speaking I am proud of my calculating ability.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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