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    What is the difference between spokesperson and mouthpiece

    Most of the time we hearing these two words in news, mostly it is used politically. Some say he/she is the mouthpiece of the political party/group/organisation. Sometime we say the spokesperson of so and so.

    What actually the differences in these two words? Are these two words are having same meaning?
    If I say he/she is the mouthpiece does it mean that the person whom we are indicating is a hardcore member of that group/organisation/political party who blindly support them?

    And the spokesperson is the person who talks on behalf of a group/organisation/political party only what he/she has been asked to say/talk?

    Knowledgeable members can guide us with their important views.
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    According to my understanding and knowledge goes, spokes persons are those who have been designated by the party president to brief the press and media on the matters concerning to party's daily affair. Where as mouth piece is the news paper or the booklet of the party which is being released regularly . In that the party would write its stand on current and political affairs. For example Shiv Sena Party in Mahararastra is having "Saamna" as their party's mouth piece.
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    Both are different. As explained by Mohan the Mouthpiece is a newspaper or a television channel belonging to a party to spread their ideology and plans for the development. It may also give the various achievements of the government run by their party and also their approach towards the various issues. These days some newspapers and private channels are also acting as the mouse pieces of a particular party. Namaste Telangana, a local newspaper in Telangana State and T news channel are like mouthpieces of Telangana Rastra Samithi(TRS).
    Coming to Spokesperson, he is an official party executive who is authorised by the Party to talk to the persons from print and electronic media about the party meetings and the decisions taken in the meeting and other issues.

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    The difference is vivid and clear- A spokes person is the official representative of the Govt. or any other agency to speak on its behalf to explain their position or stand on any issue. We very often hear in the news channels that the Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs makes a statement on bilateral issues on behalf of the Govt. Where as it is very often that people play down an individual or a News channel/paper as a 'Mouthpiece' of someone who is expected to respond but the so called 'Mouthpiece' takes charge and rescues him/her/the party from trouble.

    Even in classrooms also, we come across the instances of teacher saying the other student not to become the mouthpiece of 'X' and 'X' will answer the question.


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    The world values the person having the title of Spokesperson than the embarrassing word of the mouthpiece. A spokesperson is a title or a prefix given to a person with authority, responsibility and to a degree, accountablity to inform the public in general and organizations in specific about the views, policies, plans, clarifications etc of a particular group or organization. Comments made by the spokesperson are often taken at face value with meaning and respect as it would be the formal stance or view of the organization behind the spokesperson. Any group even if its informal would elect a person of maturity and balanced approach to representing the group for putting out their demands, views, and responses.

    A mouthpiece is almost a derogatory term for a person or a medium who without thinking informs the public about any organization. The views of the mouthpiece are often biased, radical or inflammatory issued with only the sole idea of supporting an organization for money, political support, and muscle power or personal gain.

    Sadly, in politics, the difference between both is blurred sometimes.

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    Interesting to know the differences between a mouthpiece and a spokesperson. I have been watching a person very closely so I wanted to make it clear in my mind as what kind of person he is. However, the replies here solved my curiosity. As per my experience I too feel that and agreeing with the view of Natarajan that a mouthpiece has the sole idea of supporting an organisation/political party/company or any group, hiding all the fault which reveal the real character. Not only that he/she try to influence people too those who are around them and expect that people should follow him.

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