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    Life expectancy in our country is increasing

    In our country the human life expectancy is showing a gradual increase during the last quarter of the century. In 1990 it was 59.0 and in 2016 the same is 68.6. That means a person lives almost ten years more on this earth in India. If this is examined sex-wise the figures are 58.3 and 66.9 for males and 59.7 and 70.3 for females. Females are living here more years.

    If the life span figures of States are separately looked into Kerala State comes to the top. In 1990 men lived up to 67.6 years while in 2016 This figure became 73.8. In the case of females the respective figures are 74.5 and 78.7. The lowest figures are reported from U.P. State. Males in UP lived up to 54.9 and 64.6 In 1990 and 2016, while in the case of females the figures are 53.5 and 66.8 respectively.
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    The life span of human beings is increasing in general. In olden days when a person reaches his sixtieth year, he used count his days. But these people of sixty years is still in the mode of earning and busy in all luxuries of life. The same is the case in India also. This may be due to the medical facilities andlayest drug discoveries. Also due to the living style and food habits. These days almost all the people have become more health conscious and how to stay fit is the main concern for many. These are mainly responsible for the average life span increase. Normally we are coming across many people who are touching 75th year. The statistical information given by the author is very interesting. If the author can tell the source of this information, I want to look in where my state stands. Recently in our native place one old man died. His age was 116years on the day of his death. The total family members of his family attended the funeral and the family member count was 125.
    Really the person is a very lucky person. He was a farmer and supplying milk to various families. We were purchasing milk from him earlier.

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    Karnataka: 1990: 59.0 (male); 62.5(female)
    2016: 67.1 ( male); 71.1(female)
    Andhra Pradesh: 1990: 57.7(m); 58.4(f)
    2016: 67.3(m): 71.9(f)
    Maharashtra: 1990: 55.6(m): 55.9(f)
    2016: 65.3(m): 69.3(f)
    Tamilnadu: 1990 : 59.4(m): 61.9 (f)
    2016: 68.9(m): 73.5(f)


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    In more than one way, increased life expectancy reflects the health of a nations' finances and amenities available to the people.As the country develops, makes plans for development in the food sectors, industries and trade sectors that provide jobs, strengthens health care availability and affordability and when these plans are put into practice, the longevity improves. Without going into the exact details, these would be due to plans like the five-year plans, national eradication programs of polio, tuberculosis etc. Increase in accessibility for travel, work and healthcare would also play a role in an increase in lifespan. But we should not forget the other end of the equation, i.e lives lost due to obesity, cardiac diseases etc. As we expect or hope lifespan to increase, we should also have measures to tackle hypercholesterolemia, coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus and obesity.

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