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    How are they feeling right now?

    Politicians, journalists, reporters and common people are totally focussed on Gujarat Assembly election nowadays. Everyday, new information comes and debate starts on the new issue. Last three days onwards, prediction has started. Different opinion polls are predicting different results.

    In this hullabaloo, we have almost forgotten that the voters of Himachal Pradesh also voted in the Assembly election last month. The election was devoid of any controversy and people are almost sure that the present ruling party is going to loose.

    But in this thread I am not going to discuss the result of the election. I am thinking what is the mental condition of the candidates. The election is over more than 15 days ago. The counting could not be started due to Gujarat elections. How patiently are the candidates waiting? How are they feeling right now?

    Who knows their mental condition?
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    Again the condition of the candidates depend on the mindset of individual. Some may be very sure of winning. Some may be very sure of loosing. Some may be getting relaxed thinking that what has to happen already happened, worrying now is no meaning. Some be very anxious when the votes will be counted, when will be the results announced, am I going to win or not. Like this the thoughts will vary. But all will be making accounts of their expenditure and planning how to recover it. Some may be making plans for their earnings. Some may be thinking how to get a minister berth in the government.Some may be conducting discussions with their well wishers about the portifolio he wanted to demand. Some may be thinking how to convince the party for allowing a minister post. Like this different candidates will be thinking about their future and plans. But all the voters may be just forgotten about the election and busy in their routine problems. But the most worst process of taking care of the security of the EVMs and the police might have been spending sleepless nights in taking care of these machines.
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    They would be disheartened a bit because it's like the director of a art movie looking at the attention a commercial movie is getting despite both being movies. It's a fact of life, the Gujarat polls have all the ingredients that attract the attention of people, media and general public. We have top leaders of two top parties, top two parties have to prove themselves, a lot of reputation and future path of both parties depend on Gujarat elections. The media has been partial to Gujarat in covering every little controversy and surprise as it sold like hot cakes. The HP candidates would be burdened by all these thoughts and events that have gone against them. What would be more difficult for them to accept is that fact that everything is done but still the counting has not started. Some candidates would be worried about what the opposition candidates are up to, tampering with the voting machines, are there secret meetings for alliances, is their future at jeopardy because of the high profile event? Many such anxious or negative thoughts would be running in the minds of the HP candidates.

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    Elections for the candidates are like an examination for students. No matter how experienced they might be, they will have to approach the same with the same enthusiasm and interest as the first one and wait patiently for the results. Some may be sure of how they have performed while some may be confused. But there is a difference in that, a student knows how he has prepared and executed the answers while a politician can only be sure as to how he has prepared; his fate will be ultimately decided by the public who cannot be judged with any precision.
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