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    Suggestion to have an Aadhaar card with information in simple brief code.

    Our Aadhaar number has 12 digits (only 11 digits are valid, and the last digit is for verification). With this, India will be able to provide Aadhaar number to 1000 crore Indians. They are not in series. Family members will have different numbers.

    What I suggest is - In addition to the number allotted by UDAI, a separate 21 figure number should be a code number to identify the persons native state, district, Taluk, Area/village, Date of Birth and time of birth which cannot be duplicated.

    For eg:
    252610088180620151130 is the identification number. (For this purpose, All states. their districts, Taluks, villages and area should have a permanent number)
    25 indicates the state (say TN of India)
    26 indicates the district in that state(Tirunelveli of Tamilnadu)
    10 indicates a Taluk in that district
    088 indicates a village or area in that Taluk
    18 indicates the date of birth of the person
    06 indicates the month of birth
    2015 indicates the year of birth
    11 indicates the hour of birth
    30 indicates the minutes of birth

    What else can be the best identification number of a person?

    Members, Kindly comment upon my suggestion.
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    Including details are good but how relevant would it be is the key question. These are good if we consider a small group or town. But it would not be feasible for a large country like ours. Imagine there would be at least 2 people born at the same time in a village or an area, then it becomes a difficult issue. The more details, we include, the more chance of it being misused. Right now, if someone has our bank account number, date of birth, mobile number/cloned SIM card, they potentially have access to our money.

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    As per information, on this good earth, 2/3 babies are taking birth every second. This won't happen in any village. There will be vast difference in days hours and minutes between each birth . A village or area won't have population more than 5000. So it is possible. Having the address in plain language may help to have duplication. But with the code used in Aadhaar, no one can misuse it, and they will be caught red handed during enquiry if they provide wrong information about their native identity and DOB.

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