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    Santa Claude- A convict's Christmas cap.

    I, Jean Claude, a French tourist was wrongfully imprisoned and am doing a life sentence in Alcatraz prison USA. I've already spent a decade in this wretch.
    There is no way I am getting out of here and celebrate Christmas with my family this year, like every year.
    Bob Fallon, an innocent inmate like myself is the only soul I can call a friend.
    Last night Bob received a letter from his 5 year old daughter, who's only wish is to see her father. Bob was hysterical after reading it. While I was comforting him, a warden called out for inmates to assemble. A brief "encounter" with prison Santa will be made today. "Perfect!" I thought. After celebration, I hid in the washroom for the Santa. He came and was busy venting. I knocked him cold from behind and disguised myself in his attire. I then ran quickly to Bob, sacked him and made my rapid prison escape.

    Prison Santa/ I, was sent away without any checking. Alcatraz is an isolated island. I had to go to the mainland through the same U-boat that Santa has visited with. I had a bottle of whiskey I grabbed earlier. I drank it all at once and acted drunk.
    The boat rider was understanding and asked me twice "Can you go by yourself?" at the harbour. I took his number for emergency.
    There is no time to rejoice. Not even the fresh air out of the prison can stop me.
    It was 12 am when I left the package at Bob's door after knocking and hid behind the bushes. Bob's ever-alert wife came out and examined the sack. I wanted this to be a surprise so I yelled "Ho ho ho" from the bushes. She smiled and pulled the heavy package in. I wiped the snow off the window and saw his daughter opening the sack enthusiastically. Her elation when Bob emerged slowly was genuinely indescribable.
    I staged myself outside, marvelling the lovely family. It is heart-breaking that such reunion will be short-lived. I called the boat-rider from earlier and asked him to stay for me at the harbour. I beckoned Bob to be quick. He, after kissing his family goodbye, sat contently in the sack.

    "Why do you want to go to the prison again?"the rider enquired. "I lost the pendant my daughter presented me in prison" I replied. "A Santa should hold onto his presents tightly" commented the boatman. I implored him to wait and entered the cage again. I pulled out the original Santa man from the toilet cabin, dressed him up and poured a bottle of whisky on him. Bob and I held him up and called out to warden, " Santa has gifted himself today". Wardens laughed and helped the unconscious Santa out.
    Boatman couldn't even tell the difference.

    Bob hugged me, "This was the best Christmas of my life!"
    His happiness was better than any present I could have ever gotten.
    This was my happiest Christmas ever too!
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    This is not my entry for the contest.
    I conjured this story up.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    A story with a good message of the season, a realistic background, two people in jail for no fault of theirs, wrong time and wrong place. One gets a letter from his daughter and other plans a risky escape that is worth the time spent at the family getting together and both get back to prison perhaps for the respect they have for the system even though they have been wronged by it. A good creative attempt. Well done Aditya.

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