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    Are Gemstones just a piece of decoration or can control behaviour too?

    Do you believe that gemstones can help to control emotions? Give your views here.

    Gemstones are mostly a piece of mineral, which are being cut and polished to give a beautiful look and is used for making jewellery items. There are gems like opal, ruby, sapphire, pearls, jade and many more. Some gemstones are used by people as a piece of decoration and they put it on their tables. As a showpiece, they decorate their rooms with it.

    It is also said that some of the gemstones help to control our emotions like too much anger. It will keep you calm. Some Panditji told my father that he gets angry very quickly, so he should wear Opal stone in his hands. So, my father bought it as a ring and he wears it every day.

    Some of the gems help to control your behavior and also help to regulate your blood pressure.
    My grandmother also wears a silver ring on her hand and she says it has a cool effect, it will help to regulate the body temperature from extreme heat.

    Is it really true? Have you also heard the same about gemstones and follow it?
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    Well the belief matters here. Why we go to a particular family doctor, because he knows our health ,our eating behaviour, our life style and way of living . And thus he gives medicine to our belief and we get cured. Same is the case with gem stone astrology. The person would take all details of your plus point and weakness and suggest a particular stone to wear and you feel happy to wear. For me also they suggested emerald green with open to the end. I wore the same for few months and could not find any difference and hence discontinued to wear it again.
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    I have mentioned many a time that I don't believe in astrology, palmistry, tarrot, feng shui, etc. Similarly I don't have belief or faith in gemology. I have no faith in the power of gemstones.

    No offence meant to anyone.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Though I partially have belief in astrology, I do not have complete belief in Gemology. Gems are nothing but shining/glaring colour stones that is used to add beauty to the ornaments. Since their availability is less, they are costly. People make use of the weak people who believe in astrology to get their gems sold for high prices. Astrologers have made stories about gems. They have chosen nine stones to match with nine grahas.

    @ Once I went to my close friend who is a jewellery owner. During the course of chat, he suggested me to wear Topaz (yellow stone) to overcome problems which may rise due to my ruling planet Jupiter. It is said that Jupiter( Guru)likes yellow colour. I ordered for a silver ring with Topaz top. After a month, when I went to collect the Topaz fixed ring, he was no more. I dropped the idea of wearing a ring with any stone. Now I have only one plain gold ring that was presented to me by my good lady on the day of our engagement. It is a lucky ring that brought prosperity in my life.

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    There are many things in the world which may appear unscientific but people claim that they work for the intended purposes as per our culture and mythology.

    If some people claim that the benefit is derived then it is very difficult to make out whether it is the psychological reason for the betterment or the mysterious effect of the method which in this case is gem stone.

    There are many such things but until unless their effectiveness is ascertained in a large data set nothing conclusive can be said about it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Wearing these gems is a decoration to appear cute. But there is the much scientific reason for wearing these stones. There is a science called colour therapy. The colour is nothing but the wavelength of light which is getting emitted. There three regions of colour. The visible region, Infrared region and UltraViolet region. The visible region is a mixture of many colours mainly VIBGYOR( violet, Indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red). when the light falls on an object it will absorb some portion of the light and release the remaining portion. Basing on the wavelength of the light that is emitted the colour of the object will appear. This is what we have ready. Basing on this science was developed and some people say they can solve some problems. As I am not having any knowledge on this subject, I am not supposed to comment whether it is true or false. This belief will be the individuals prerogative. These days some doctors advising the colour of the light we should have as a night bulb in the bedrooms.
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    Gemstones are colorful and used in ornaments but some people believe in the ability of gemstones to be used as Gem therapy. It is one of those areas wherein proof or widespread acceptance is not seen or heard readily. The logic behind some issues cannot be questioned or supported in a precise manner. Sunlight has seven colors that have an influence on various body system. White stones are suggested for people under stress or hypertension. Again, it depends on the individual beliefs. Similarly if the wrong gemstone is advised for the wrong person it's supposed to bring in adverse effects. Gemstone therapy is suggested for depression, respiratory conditions etc.

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    Is your father able to control your anger after wearing that ring? I have heard about the superpowers of gemstones but have also heard that it works for some and not for all. Somehow I am scared to own one as I have no clue how it will work on me.
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    Gemstone, even if it can control anger, is expensive. I can mention a very simple and less costly (in fact, almost no cost) way to control anger, which would be more effective during winter. Are the Members interested to know?
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    @Chitra : No, it has very less impact in controlling my father's anger, I find it still the same. It has been a long time since he wore that stone.

    @Partha Sir: sure, please let us all know what that way is?

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    I don't know whether diamonds are included under gemstones but some people are worried to buy a diamond without consulting their astrologer as they fear that owning a diamond can bring ill luck.

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    As Ms. Pooja is interested to know the novel method found by me to control anger, I am describing the procedure in details. The procedure is stated step-by-step.

    (a) First be genuinely sure that you are angry.
    (b) If you are angry on a person, don't move towards him/her.
    (c) Instead start moving backwards.
    (d) Slowly but surely reach the bathroom of your residence.
    (e) Enter the bathroom and take a mug.
    (f) Take a full mug of cold water.
    (g) Close your eyes and pour the cold water on your own head.
    (h) The method would definitely work, especially in winter.
    (i) The cost is negligible compared to the price of a gemstone, almost nil.

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    I won't deny about the properties of gemstones. Because the properties of gemstones may or may not be affecting the bearer's life.
    Quartz is used for healing as we know.
    Pearl has medicinal properties. Gold and silver are good conductors.
    But that is all there are to the gemstones.
    They wont bring you prosperity or create miracles in your life. Stones are stones after all.
    The magic is and always in you.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Haha.. that was good humour Mr. Partha, I could say it is a good way to control anger if the angry person is ready to do so.
    @Aditya .. right.. gemstones bring some change to our lives, but it is not good to completely depend upon them for our nature. It is us only who can control ourselves better not these colored stones.

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