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    Just a second, one minute please, just a moment. Do we maintain the time?

    Do you commonly use words that convey to the other person that you will attend to him soon? Have you been at the receiving end of such moments? Share such funny moments!

    Invariably during our conversation or talking with people, we use words like just a second, I shall come back to you and some times we promise someone that we shall be there in just a moment. Even on the cell phones we keep the caller waiting by saying we shall be coming back in a minute. Normally we are not following the time at all but we give the time so casually and the people are also habituated not to take the timings so seriously. What is your say on this. Do you use such words and assurance to keep the other person waiting for you ?
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    It is nothing but to say - Just wait for a second or just wait for a minute or just wait for a moment. It is always good to say this to silence the people while you think.
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    But they wont revert back or come again to us, that is the problem being discussed.
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    If the waiting time is more, definitely the man who requested will forget his question. Actually the person is coming up with a doubt when certain points raised by the speaker. If the speech continues the topic will change and the intruder will forget his doubt.

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    These are the words very commonly used by all of us. But a second will not be a second, One minute will not be one minute. Just a moment will not be just a moment. We always say this words to tell the other people that we are also conscious of time, we are ready to get in time but invariably some late was there which I am trying to minimise. We can not take the dictionary meanings of these words in this contest.
    Generally, I always try to maintain timings in my works and life. I don't like somebody to wait for me. For me my time is valuable and same is the case with others also. So I will try to be on time always. But many people come to the workplace very late and say they are busy. But in such case t are they not wasting the time others by making them wait.

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    I think we ask a person to wait for a minute or a second because asking him to wait for a longer time would be too awkward. We mention the time as an excuse so that the other person does not feel offended. It is rather a casual way of apologizing for some probable delay and we need not take it in its literal sense. And I don't think we would mention the delay so casually when it is related to real business or something official. I might tell my friend or colleague that I will be back in a minute and yet take a bit more time, but one cannot be relaxed when it is official. There are so many casual usages like these about which we need not become unnecessarily bothered about.
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    We generally do not really mean in the strict time sense and both parties know it. Such phrases are used to convey the meaning that the answer or service would take sometime to materialize, it is also used to detach ourselves from a conversation or when we have to halt the discussion taking place. If you observe closely, these words or phrases are never used when we talk to our bosses, supervisors or people with authority or elders at home. We use it when we interact with colleagues, friends, subordinates, family members or students. When the answer is readily not available or when it is going to take a while then instead of telling the truth and making them feel uncomfortable, we use these phrases with a smile on our face and then allow things to take its own course. So, these are more in conversational language wherein the tone and circumstances mean more than the true measure of time in seconds or minutes.

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