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    Do we read the fine print at all?

    Do you regularly ignore the fine print at the top and bottom of a document? After going through this thread, likely you won't!

    Many of us purchase gadgets, take warranties, buy insurance or health polices. We are happy once we purchase it and start using the device or service. Apart from storing the purchase receipt for tax filing, we often forget to read the document or warranty card etc.

    Many insurance companies advertise no frill health care policy, no extra charges applicable etc. But when you actually apply or read the really small fine print, it would say, disease x is excluded, disease y is covered only after two years etc. For warranty cards, it would be warranty applicable for instrument but not the batteries or accessories, only if you have the original box.

    For instance, just look at the win the prize advert in the ISC site. The advert says register and win 200+ exciting prizes. But just scroll through to the end and click on the details. Every prize winner is selcted from the pool of names of people who have registered and purchased the phone.

    So, we are disheartened later as we do not read the fine print and feel let down. I think at least for major purchases or important services we should make an effort to find time to read the fine print ( if at we can see it clearly).
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    Generally, most of us don't read the fine print. What is required is the product in hand. First use it for the best and then face if there is problem through fine print.
    In the year 2008, I bought a Hero Honda Splendur plus motor cycle on loan. While making the initial payment, I was asked to sign at 40 places, and I had no time to spare to read the documents. I did it with my eyes closed. I did not apply my mind to see the * condition apply etc. Fortunately, nothing went wrong as I paid all my EMI dues regularly without fail. Now I am the proud owner of that vehicle.

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    Actually speaking, the companies or the service providers do not want the consumers to read and understand the fine prints. Leave alone the fine prints of any product you buy and consider the undertaking that you are made to sign in hospitals before someone related to you is being taken for a surgery. They will be handing over the document to you just before the operation and thus make sure that you will, at the most, get time to, may be, browse through the different headings or points but will not get time or will not even be mentally prepared to read through the whole thing. Same is the case with the fine prints that come with products. I agree that reading and understanding the terms and conditions will surely be for our good but then the service providers do not want the customers to really understand the loopholes between the lines that are tactfully planted.
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    This is always true. We will never read the fine prints. The people will explain something and we will hear what they say and feel that we have covered everything. But when we have some time and wanted to go through we feel that way to waste time on reading these things. Even when we register our name in some of the websites and open an account there also there will be a box which we have to tick mark indicating that we have gone through all the rules and regulations of the site. But we will never read. We will just tick that box. In case of any problem only we will read but by that time whatever damage is to have happened might have happened. It is very good to go through completely all the terms and conditions and register our doubts. But we will not do that. This is an inherent problem in the system and many will fall in the same suit. as mentioned by Saji Ganesh, nobody wants us to go through completely the fine print. They will not give that much time also for us.
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