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    Health is Wealth - please take care

    Do you take excess sugar & feast constantly on sugary foods? This is an alert to remind you of the harmful effects of excessive sugar intake.

    Why I took this topic because I find many are using sugar for tea, coffee, sweets etc. Actually, sugar is very harmful to our health. I hope everybody is aware of it. Constant use of sugar may have a risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Sugar content in our blood will be harmful. There are so many drawbacks in sugar - like, we will lose our immune functions, we get stressed fast, It lacks in chromium deficiency, even it is the main cause for tooth decay.

    I have read sugar is made of bone ash which is just similar to slow poison. Instead of sugar, we can use jaggery or bura sugar which in fact is very advantageous to our health. So if anybody is still using sugar please stop and start using jaggery or bura sugar. Let's live a long life like our ancestors without any health problems.
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    Thanks for giving this advisory. Only yesterday I was down with fever , head ache and heavy vomiting which made my life miserable in the evening. After having injection with my family doctor, the situation limped back to normalcy and I am ok now. So what I mean to say that though we take utmost care on health , some times situation force us to accept some food which tell upon our health. I always take precaution not to have outside food, but when people serve the same out side food as the menu prepared in the home, then we are defeated. That's what happening to many.
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    health is wealth is very known common proverb used by many. If your health is not ok you have to go to the doctor, you have to pay him consultation charges. You have to purchase medicines prescribed by the doctor. You require some money for all this. If there is no health problem you need not spend any money for this. So you save money likewise by saving like this you will become richer. To have the healthy life we should have some good habits in our life. Eating timely and good food, sleeping sufficiently, not taking more junk food, not drinking much cold water or not eating cold food will be good for a better health.
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    Most of us know that Health is Wealth but in real life the priorities change and for Wealth we risk Health. Sometimes circumstances are beyond our reach and we have to be focused on the job and our earning to meet our life needs. When needs of life becomes being greedy for life, then we face issues. In the blind run to earn more and more, we sacrifice our healthy living habits, don't exercise regularly, live and work under stress that takes a toll on our health. Sugar is one of the ingredients that is linked to many diseases indirectly and avoiding it beyond the minimal amounts helps people to be healthy. There are many such things that can be done to keep us healthy. Like the new year coming around, we make many resolutions to be healthy, to be satisfied, to lose weight but we don't keep up the promises we make year after year. At least this year, I hope I can stick to this quote that is very apt especially we are not getting younger.

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