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    Sir, did you plan to become immortal?

    Sir, generations and generations of Bengali students know you. You were born at Gurap, a very small village in the district of Hooghly. You studied with lots of difficulty, completed your Graduation and used to teach in some well-known and not-so well-known schools of Bengal.

    It was perfectly alright. It also speaks of your greatness that you took personal responsibility of your students. You tried your best to make your students genius of Mathematics. You developed problems of Mathematics on your own and forced your students to practise these problems. Some of your illustrious students truly became genius of Mathematics.

    But Sir, why did you try to become immortal? Why did you start publishing books containing the problems developed by you? Why did your monkeys have to climb only oily rods-why didn't they find normal rods to reach the top of a house? Why did all those pipes filling water reservoir contain leaks? Couldn't you think of pipes without any leak? Why did the shop-keepers in your book make mistakes, either to weigh or to calculate profit, thus making losses? Couldn't you think of any normal shop-keeper?

    Sir, you started publishing your books since 1942. You terrified Bengali students for forty-five long years before your demise. But even thirty years after your death, your innumerable books on various branches of Mathematics have been creating problems for lakhs of Bengali students.

    Sir, I was one of such students who used to be terrified by your Mathematics books. But Sir, due to your books, I did not face any problem in solving Maths (Quantitative Aptitude) portion in any competitive examination in which I appeared. Without taking any coaching or guidance, I cleared all those examinations thanks to your books.

    Late Keshav Chandra Nag Sir! You truly have become immortal. You will always remain in the minds of crores of Bengali students.
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    It is your personal tribute to your Bengali Maths Master. I do not know ABCD of Late Keshav Chandra Nag Sir. I heard his name through you. There are many such people who remain immortal. They live in our heart, and continue to live in the heart of the generations taking birth in future, through their books dedicated to the people. Books never die.

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    Many poets and writers will be there on the earth as long as their books are there are on the earth. Today also we talk about Nannayya the first Telugu poet and read the Mahabharata in Telugu which was initiated by him. These many lecturers and teachers are publishing books and guides for the benefit of the students who want to go through competitive examinations. As long as those books are available in the market people will remember the name of the author and go to the shop and ask the book by mentioning the name of the author. They are all immortal as long as their books are available in the shops and good for the students. The mathematics teacher in the post is such one teacher, I think, who made many students earn their jobs and food for their life. So in the minds of those students, the teacher will be immortal always.
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    Mr. SuN: India is a vast country with different regions and languages. Every region has produced many great men and women. Due to lack of integration, we don't know about great men/women of other regions. I make effort to tell about those great personalities about whom I havee some information. I believe other Members should do the same. This will bring integration in our country.

    So far as I am concerned, Late K.C. Nag was not my teacher. I have not seen him. He died in 1987 at an age of 94. But his Mathematics books have helped and are still helping crores of students of Bengal. So, I have written about this great Mathematics teacher.

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    This thread has been posted to show the gratitude by his/her pupil. Indeed, his mathematics books has helped and helping many. I remember. I was very poor in mathematics but I too have gone through his books and learned so much. I do not know if another people has heard his name or used his book or not but it is worth to talk about him.

    If anyone know about any person whom talking is worth in forum he/she should bring it out and let other know instead of stopping and poking it.

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    Glad that you could generate a descriptive thread on a person whom you've not met but just be reading his books.Sounds like a teacher who encourages the minds of the students to think about difficult problems. There would many such brilliant minds who would publish books that would not be known to many across India. I've mentioned earlier about my maths tuition teacher who didn't believe in taking money for teaching. His class notes and explanations would be popular and there would be many sets of xerox copies of chapters that would circulate within the class and friends. Thanks to such people who make the lives of students better. I think those days a little bit of fear for the subject and teacher worked as it instilled discipline in students. Even Wikipedia has a page dedicated to him. Glad to note that still his books are published and most of the revenue goes to two charities.

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    I am afraid that I have not been able to make the Members understand the importance of Mathematics books of Late K.C. Nag. Since 1942, Bengali students (from Std. VII to Std.XII) have been learning Arithmatic, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, 2-dimensional Geometry, 3-dimensional Geomety from his books. Crores of students of different generations have been benefitted and are still being by his books. These books are prescribed in almost all schools of West Bengal.
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    A slightly more straight narration would have made it easily understandable for those who are not familiar with Nag.

    Many authors who write or co-author the standard text books ( at least for the undergraduate and graduate levels) are experienced professors known and popular in the particular geographical boundaries of the universities or states. People from other areas , especially the non-specialists would not have come across the texts or contributions of those authors. These kind of threads can help such people to have some preliminary knowledge about them.

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    Really impressed that late KC Nag works on learning Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, 2-dimensional Geometry, 3-dimensional Geometry are still being followed and practised and good that author brought this matter to the notice of us. Remembering the teacher is always a great attitude. Because of them we are now writing and learning and they should not be forgotten. Not that they should be remembered once in a while, in fact daily when you are attempting good work, just pray and start, and that would be successful. Guru is first for those who are in learning process.
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