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    How the best answer will be selected.

    In our ISC site sometimes we will be getting alerts in which it will be mentioned that your answer in the forum is selected as the best answer. Same is the case with Ask Expert answers also. I don't know the procedure to selection procedure of this. Who will select the answer as the best answer? Is it being done by the concerned Editor of the section or the author? Are there any guidelines for this? What is the benefit if our answer is selected as the best answer? Is this selection is having any weight in awarding points and CCs? Actually, I have this doubt from long back. I have searched on the site but I could not locate any related matter. That is the reason why I raised this thread. Knowledgeable members can give the feedback on this.
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    Generally, the selection of best answer is done by the author of the thread. However, it can be done by the editors too. But editors don't get time to do this job. There is no rules and regulations or guidelines to select the best answer. It is upto the author to decide the best and the worst.
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    The best answer alerts come after the thread generator chooses our reply as the best. More than one answer can be selected as the best answer for a single thread by its author. There would be a bias in selection as it is done by the primary author, the bias would be in the form of personal, topic views, argumentative replies, and language that can be perceived by the chooser as challenging. I choose based on the content, the relevance of the reply, I'm happy if people speak out of experience in life or reply the opposite of what I would expect and substantiate their replies.'I ignore replies when it sounds personal or starts with Don' t interfere, Don't opine or who are you to question, It would be nice to have at least 5 replies that are practical and meaningful. I also like some very brief 2-3 point answer if it is to the point of the thread.

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    'Choose as Best Answer' feature was launched in 2013 and discussed in the following thread.
    Have you noticed new feature in Forums at ISC - Choose Best Answer
    We can get some idea from that.

    The same matter was discussed recently in this thread too.

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    Normally the author has the right to decide which is the best answer to his thread but some times even editors are authorised to use the feature. But I think every post should have one selected best answer which testifies the member who responded that he was on right track. More over such answers can be given some cash credits as that would make the members respond to threads , otherwise many threads go unattended. Not that every thread be attended vaguely, but a try can be made.
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    A best answer should be honest and come out straight in open. I was not using it earlier but in late, I have started using it. It is also not good to select a best answer just after 1 or 2 post. At least 5 replies require to judge the best answer.

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    Members are requested to refrain from raising posts on same/ similar issues, particularly the ones related to ISC, that has been discussed earlier, at least those that have been discussed in the near future, as a matter of propriety.
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