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    "Despacito" song has proved it again

    Music is something, one can't say his/her own or it belong to any country or religion. It has the fragrance in tunes which can reaches to people miles away. This is what has happened with the song sung by "Luis Fonsi". After almost a gap of 2 years, Fonsi wanted to create a song with melody which can make people dance but hardly he knew that this song will get so much famous and will create a record.

    True, if we go by its meaning, it may not liked by many. However, the tune and composition is as such that anyone can get mesmerised with it.

    Despacito meaning "slowly" and this song has proved it again that music has no boundaries. It can only know to make you happy and refresh. If you do not heard this song, listen it is worth to listen.
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    I do not know anything about western music. Here and there I have heard them when during my college days , that is all. It was meant then to be collectively happy, a group mentality and activity of that age.

    After reading this thread I told myself,let me know something about this "Despacito" song. I pressed my curiosity switch. So I searched the net and heard it from YouTube. As any music could I enjoyed it for the sheer tune and rhythm. Then I checked and saw the translation. Then I heard its English version by another singer. At last I heard the Hindi imitation version also.
    I also read about Louis Fonsi, who I now know is a PuertoRican singer. Despacito was relesed in January 2017, became the most viewed You Tube video; and many other accolades.

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    I never understood the meaning of the song but the tunes and the rhythmic flow of the song is completely different from the image we have of western music or the hip-hop songs. This is more like a melodious song of our Indian language. No wonder this has broken barriers of language and has so many views on youtube. This shows the power of the world wide web and youtube which is like self-marketing tools with a wide reach. As long as the song is genuinely good, music lovers will accept it, this song would be very popular with teenagers. This song reminds me of how Ricky Martin broke into the Indian science and in a matter of few weeks, his name was on the lips of many Indian music fans. There are so many imiitations of the song also, that makes it difficult to get the actual one. The lyrics are a cause for concern as it sounds rude/vulgar and is supposed to be banned in Malaysia.

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    Well, it's catchy but not good. I'm a fan of music I don't understand. I listen to German, Korean, Spanish and Japanese songs on regular basis.
    I personally think that Japanese songs are awesome. Even better than any Hindi or English ones. Japanese adhere to their traditions more vigorously than Indians.
    So you can enjoy the oldest melodies of the world.
    I hate Despacito's lyrics but I love the Spanish guitar and drums in background.
    It has got everything that one song needs to be catchy.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I have heard the song, its music is really good and enjoyable. I don't know about the lyrics as I never took interest in that. But it is an enjoyable song to refresh your mood.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Music is all about its tune and rhythm. Specially when dancing song has such catchy tunes, lyrics really does not matter.

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    I don't know why this particular Despacito song and music is not interesting to me. I love music, but not this type of music.
    No life without Sun

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    Be it any language , if we lend our ears actively even for a moment, that is enough to gauge the best of the music and for some listening music is the passion and habit. Yes Music make our moods and put us in our shoes.
    K Mohan
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    Music has no religion, ethnicity, race and region. It is a divine ocean which can't be discriminated by any unhealthy means. In fact I love the song despacito and to be honest even if I don't understand it. The tune is great, there is great feel and romantic in that song. It is a worthy song to be in top list of many charts.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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