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    Is it safe for us to raise our voice against evil forces in the society.

    These days we are hearing and witnessing many unwanted incidents which are very cruel in nature and unnecessarily innocent people are getting affected. Even though people like us know that what is happening is not at all acceptable we are not opening our mouth as we have our own priorities. In addition to that, we the low profile people in the society feel that these evil forces will do harm to us also and with that feeling we will keep silent.
    We all know that Hanuman went to Lanka by crossing the ocean and witnessed Sita there. He made a lot of noise there. Ravana put the tail of Hanuman on fire. As Sita prayed Agnideva to be cool, Hanuman never felt the heat. He put the whole Lanka on fire. But he left two places. The first place is Asoka Vanam where Sita was sitting. The second place was the house of Vibhishana. Why he left his house? The answer is, he is the only person in the entire Lanka who raised his voice against Ravana about his misdeeds towards ladies and other people. As he fought against evil forces he was protected. But there is a lot of change in the people. If it is these days I think the first victim will be Vibhishana. Do you on an agreement with me, friends?
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    It is good thought to raise voice against evil force. But before that are you strong enough to defend yourself. As you know evil forces have money power and muscle power and one has to be ready to mend them. Normally every street and colony has one trouble maker or Pahelwan we call it in Urdu. They are always look out for the voices being raised against them. And they are also paid to track those who speaks against them and their unlawful acts. It is not advisable to have clash with them as we are not only wasting time and also risk to our life and members of our family too.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No, it is not safe to raise our voice against the evils and unjust which we witness in our society. However, despite that we, as conscientious human beings, we have to raise our voice. We have to do it tactfully and collectively. Only then we will remain safe and contribute meaningfully towards eradication of such evils.
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    In big cities it is not at all safe to raise voice against the evil doers. Power and money have made the evil doers strong .They dominate the society and suppress the weaker section of the society.
    People should come forward and raise their voices, in order to eliminate such evil doers.

    The law makers are becoming the law breakers giving encouragement to these evil doers. This is a big problem in our society and the people who raise voice are silenced,leaving them free and encouraged.

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    It is nice to read mythology, listen to advise and talks about raising your voice against evil. In the real world, it is not as simple as that. There are many real-life examples where people have paid the ultimate price (killed) of standing up against evils in the society.

    People who question scams, people who stand up for victims of assault, people who stand up against rowdies, eve teasers etc, they have paid the price of being brutally beaten up, acid thrown on their faces, hands being chopped off, pushed out of running trains and killed without any second thought.

    Some may feel I'm a coward, but imagine in real life situations, in metros, in shady areas, in an unfamiliar locality what are the chances of me being killed (more likely), what are the chances of people supporting me (hardly any). What will happen to my dependents?

    I think, as common men, we should think with common sense and be smart, get help quickly, or mobilise people around us and then react before just raising our voices against evil.

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    It is not that one just jumps out from nowhere and then raises the voice against evil. The person might be doing slowly and steadily right action, himself complying to the laws, morals and rules properly and thus building a credibility. General public also will align only with those who can lead them and protest them.
    So the first step is to p[rove one's own credibility and integrity. Then this can bring followers and supporters. That will give the strength and conviction for raising voice and protesting against evil strongly. The evil forces will be using everything o defeat the protests. They may not comply any rules and morals too. So there is every risk. However if one is strong in his own morals,integrity, conviction and goal, then the mass support will be with him. At that time the inner fear will vanish and the person will be ready to do any sacrifice for the sake of defeating the evil.well being.

    However without creating proper credibility and support if one tries to take on evil forces, then one may suffer very badly, if the evil enemy is powerful.

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    I have no choice but to agree with the author that it is not safe to raise your voice against evil forces. But that does not mean that I support the view that we should keep quiet and be silent spectators to all the bad things around us. If there were no dissenting voices, I am sure that we would have been living in a worse state of affairs today.

    I agree with the view proposed by Venkiteswaran sir. It is not safe nor possible to try and become a hero by opposing a wrongdoing that is happening in front of us but we can very well try to gather public support. We can request all those thoughtless people who are busy taking videos in their mobiles to come forward and object to what is happening in front of them. It would be nice if you can gather support and question the lawbreakers (and sometimes, the moral police too); if that can't be done, you can at least, alert the police; otherwise, you can at least be satisfied that you did make an attempt to thwart the criminals. If mob mentality can stall the administration and related systems, I am sure it can act positively against crimes too.

    We are neither mythological characters nor are heroes in movies, but there are things that we, as common people, can and must do. Sending out tweets or passing messages or holding candles and protesting does not alone help, we need to be awake as a society and act together.

    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    We are not safe if we raise our voice against the evils or wrong things even in our own house. Present generation youngsters are not honoring or respecting the views or practices followed earlier by elders in the house and if the same has been pointed out by elders either to follow or correct, they neglect them or insulting them. So fearing on this effect many elders worrying themselves or keeping themselves away.

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    I'm glad that Venkiteswaran Sir and Saji Ganesh echo my thoughts, there is no point in trying to be a hero without any support of people around us in such situations. We should be able to galvanize people quickly and get them to be a good supportive and proactive group to speak up. We see this after road traffic accidents or major construction change in a locality when people stand together to help out the affected ones. Flash mobs (as mentioned by Saji Ganesh) have been very effective even if it is difficult to control, maybe if we can have 1-2 people who can channelize the group/mob then we can certainly stand against evil.

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