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    Determination and perseverance always pay; Example: Amol Yadav

    He had worked with Jet Airways as Deputy Chief Pilot. He left the job and sold his house to pursue his dream. He arranged Rs. 4 crores and after 19 years of hard work, he developed his own aircraft. It is a six-seater aircraft. Its weight is 1450 kg and it will be able to take off from a strip of 13000 feet.The aircraft will have an airspeed of 185 miles. The aircraft was displayed in the ''Make in India'' scheme in 2016.

    The TAC-003 aircraft has been named "Victor Tango Narendra Modi Devendra''. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis has finally handed him the certificate from DGCA.

    Mr. Amol Yadav has again proved that determination and perseverance always pay. My admiration and congratulation to Mr. Amol Yadav.
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    It is true. Determination and perseverance will always bring success. Anything you dream and try to materialise with full dedication, commitment and patience will be successful. There is no second thought about it.
    Many people say that that is very difficult, we can't do, we don't have the support etc, But if you have self-belief and determine to do it winning is for sure. Lord Hanuman thought that he can't cross the ocean. But the friends around him enthused him saying that he can do it. Then he got the confidence. He determined that he will not go back to Rama without knowing the whereabouts of Sita. He made the determination. He searched many places but in vain. There is no option for him. His perseverance and determination paid the dividends.
    So we should also always make our goal, determine that you should reach the target. Try hard and don't lose the patience. You will definitely have laughs finally.

    always confident

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    We will get only success stories. Failure stories are not attractive. So no one would like to narrate them. For every success story there may be many many failure stories.
    There is no clear cut success formula. Success formula is mostly customised. Determination, perseverance etc.are non- quantifiable. So one cannot know what is threshold or minimum needed for him/her.

    But without any determination and perseverance most will meet failure. Hence as a safe bet one should have determination,perseverance and focus. Success will at last come though some may get it with some delay.

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    Hats off to this gentleman's self-belief and perseverance. When governments need established companies, research units, fundings and large teams to build an aircraft, Mr.Amol Yadav has done the job almost single-handedly. Curiosity about the name made me check the story, looks like Yadav had delays at DGCA that needed the help of the CM and the PMO. Anybody can dream, but few can transform their dreams into reality. He is now planning on a bigger aircraft. Good luck to him. Just a couple of thoughts, who certifies the airworthiness of this aircraft and how would the insurance companies go about insuring this self-made aircraft? Is it part of a commercial venture or the government is going to take over this make in India project later on ?

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    Some people create their own records and that would stun the world. For others they seem to be fools but they do create different My Congrats to Amol Yadav for his rare achievement.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Natarajan: DGCA certifies the air-worthiness of a plane. The project of Mr. Yadav is not a commercial venture. I hope some company will be interested to turn the low-cost project into a commercial venture and Mr. Yadav will be financially benefitted.

    I have no idea about the insurance part.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Thanks Mr.Partha, I was curious because, if one man can use his skills and thoughts to get a aircraft airworthy, then there would be many companies trying to woo him to join the industry giants into their research and development department and take useful bits of ideas and plans from his aircraft. To me. all this would be possible if its safe, certified and insurance is easy without hurdles. Let's see how his second project takes off.

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