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    Hello Guys, I just wanted to know one thing!

    I just wanted to know that if I already have an Adsense account then can I attach it to this site?
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    Yes, you can join this site as an active Member even if you already have an Adesnse account. You can later link your account in ISC with your Adsense account.
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    There is no problem even though you have Adsense account.First register in our ISC website and become active member and then later you can add your Adsense account to ISC website.And there is no requirement that you must open new Adsense account to join in ISC.

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    Though you can always associate other adsense account with this site, but qualifying and getting the adsense eligible from this site many advantages and for that you have to read the help topics on adsense.
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    Yes, You can attach your adsense account to this site.
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    You may be able to attach your Adsense account to your ISC account. But you can do that only after you get qualified on this site for Adsense account on this site. Before that, you can't do it. For the eligibility criteria, you go through the help topics of this site. The top blue strip is having a list of words horizontally. Please click one More. A Vertical list will drop down. Click on help topics in that list. It will take you to that and you can find the eligibility criteria and how to link Adsense account to this account.
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    Please first get registered on the site, browse through the various sections and start contributing to the forum and article sections. You can also answer ask the expert questions based on your familiarity with the topics. Google adsense currently allows only one account for a person. So, once you are active in ISC, then you can link your existing adsense account to your ISC account.
    you can check from google adsense support forums that give you details on how to manage your adsense account and add a new site to your existing account.

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