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    Speak up, if you want to sell your mangoes!

    Do you think communicating & pitching yourself is a requirement to be heard & appreciated? Know the benefits of self-pitching for achieving success from this unique discussion.

    If I go by the literal meaning of the thread title it means that if a mango seller wants to sell mangoes, he has to speak loud like "Mangoes! Sweet Mangoes!" if he wants to attract the attention of the people to buy them. He cannot remain silent and just pass by, expecting that people will notice him by themselves and come out to buy the mangoes.

    Similarly, we live in the age of presentation wherein every walk of life proper presentation and good communication plays an important part. The old adages like "Speech is silver and silence is gold" and "Empty vessels make more sound" seem to apply less these days. In the office an employee who works sincerely but speaks very less and does not present himself well is not noticed much as compared to an employee who works little less but speaks and presents himself well. Same holds true during a job interview. Rather than having complete knowledge, skill with which one presents even a little knowledge matters more. Even for students in a school, same holds true. They have to present their good work to the teachers and make an attempt to get noticed. This is true even in our social circles. People who are silent are often underestimated and unnoticed till they speak out.

    So nowadays even if a vessel is not empty it has to make some sound. We cannot afford to stay silent after doing good work thinking that someone with eagle's eye will notice us. In current times doing a good work is incomplete if we are not able to speak about it and present it aptly to get noticed. Sometimes I have observed that good presenters earn more success than below average presenters. Please note that good presentation of work is different from unnecessary boasting about one's good work. Speaking out and presenting our work as needed is good but unnecessary and repeated shouting about it is a bad habit.

    So the mantra for success in today's world is doing good work, communicating and presenting it well.
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    Yes, the latest mantra for success seems to be that one needs to know how to sell himself. More than being educated or having additional qualifications or acquired skills, you may not be able to come up unless you market your qualities as a product. It is not just about proclaiming that you are qualified that matters but it is also the results you produce and more importantly how you advertise the results so as to reach the perfect target that will make the difference. You should not be like empty vessels that make more sound but should still make some noise so that you are noted and noticed.
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    Nice thread from the author. One has to be working for selling his product. It may be convincing, detailing or shouting as the case may be. In this regard I wish to share the push cart vegetable vendor who visits our colony daily with unique voice. By hearing his voice we shall know he has come. He is reasonable with rates and wont go away just after shouting about available vegetable. He shall wait patiently for the customers. He knows morning hours are busy for house wives and they cannot respond immediately. I really like his way of marketing and as per me he is a very successful sales man as he completes all vegetables in the colony itself.
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    True. What you know is not important. How you have expressed your work is more important These days even gold also has to make sound and say that I am gold, I am the favourite of ladies, No one can beat me in looks. Then only people will recognise. If the Gold keeps silent and bronze makes the sound people will go with bronze and identify that metal itself as very great. So the sound you make is very important.
    We should be able to present the work what we have done in a very attractive manner with more cosmetics people will get attracted towards that than the presentation where the work is presented in a simple way straight.
    Even in Telugu poetry also there are some poets who give more importance to the words rather than the meaning. If someone judges the poet without any bias, they will see the method how he expresses the content. But an ordinary man will feel happy with the words.

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    Two things come to my mind on reading this thread. One is self marketing, we have to market ourselves to make our presence felt in the right places in any field of work or life we are in. The second is if you have struggled hard to climb Mount Everest, then why not plant a flag and take a picture. If you are doing good work, then why not display or broadcast your good work so that it reaches others. Being dynamic, being visible, being acknowledged in one's own field all these are commendable and we should pay attention to it, if not our good skills will not be known to others out in the open. Just for instance see the cab ride you've taken, you have to give a feedback before you can book the next ride, it is form a gathering data from clients that would be used on their websites. It is very important in an office or team or an organisation wherein, we should present our work, figures, achievements and figures so that our superiors, people around us know who we are and what we are capable of. At the next opportunity where our skills would be useful, people would think of us, shortlist us etc.

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