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    "Om bhoorbhuvaswa thatsabithur varenyam"...gayathri manthram.

    Gayathri manthra is very famous. It is known to many people, they may not be members of a particular caste or community. A Malayalam film song sung by Famous Dr. Jesudas starts with chanting this Gayathri manthra. "Om bhurbuvaswa thal savithur varenyam, bhargo devasya dheemahi, dheeyo yohna prachodayal". Those who know the meaning of this Sanskrit Gayathri manthra may give it as a response.
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    Many knowledgeable people say that this Mantra contains the essence of Hinduism. Thanks to Mr. Sankaran for reminding the Gayatri Mantra to all of us.
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    This great Mantra is the prayer for the Goddess who was the instrumental in creating many Gods later. Gayatri Mantra has to be rendered in right way and without any mistakes, otherwise it would give bad effect too. Those who have worn Upavedam or the sacred white thread around their neck must chant this Mantra at least for 108 times and along with there is one more Mantra which goes like this, " Komokaarshith Manyurkaarshith Namo Namaha" the meaning says that please pardon me if I abused any won through my vision or simply touching them. During the annual Yajur Upakarma this two Mantras are chanted in groups and also small yagna has been performed for those who are Brahmacharis that is who are unmarried.
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    This is the universal. Actually, this Gayatri matram should be recited first time during the thread marriage. This should be taught by the father to the son on the day of Upanayanma. This mantra invocates a lot of spirts in the minds of the persons who chant this. It should be chanted with a particular swara only. Different people explain the meaning in different mainly basing on the depth they have in the language. the general meaning is as follows.
    Oh God, you are the Protector and self-existent. The contact with him frees the soul from all troubles. He is the creator. He is the energy of the Universe. He gives us happiness. He will direct us all faculties in the right direction.

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    I hear the sacred mantra in the mornings but must confess that I didn't know the meaning of the words. We have a 30 in 1 mantra box/electronic sholka box that has a two pin attachment. We play it in the mornings and choose between Suprabatham, Om and other chants of the common Gods and Goddesses.

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    I have a book titled 'Gayathri Manthram". I bought it for Rs. 20. It contains more than 40 pages. It contains many manthras. Apart from the 'Gayathri Manthram' the author has quoted, there are many other mantras related to each and every God, and every Graha.

    I have made it as a practice to utter Gayathri Manthra immediately after the bath. The Gayathri Manthra will be followed by Vinayaka Gayathri Manthram, and further followed by the Gayathri Manthram for that particular day. The whole day remains pleasant.

    On any one day, if I don't say this Manthra after my bath, I would face some problem.

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    You wanted to learn the meaning originally didn't you?
    Om bhoor bhuvah suvah- means the three worlds. Earth and spirit worlds.
    Tat savitur- a Sun like that( savita is one of Sun's names)
    Varenyam- worthy

    So you're praising the Sun that fares throughout the worlds, in first two lines.
    Sun is a physical God and everyone can see and worship him. This very twin lines breaks the religious boundary.
    Bhargo devasya dhimahi- concentrate on such light.
    Dhiyo yo- by praising who...
    Nah prachodayat- there's no darkness.

    So, by chanting this mantra you'll eliminate all the darkness in your life.

    I'm not very well versed in Sanskrit. I only learnt it briefly. So there might me a little inaccuracy. But the overall summary would be, praise the Sun Lord so that he removes all the darkness from your life.

    This mantra is from Vedas, back when gods like Indra and Aditya( Sun ) and Agni were at their utmost prominence. But as we moved from Vedic to puranic period, gods like Vishnu and Shiva overshadowed these splendid beings. So gayatri mantra is not even about gayatri herself. It is simply a purification hymn.
    And the mul-mantra is chanted to different Gods nowadays. Because the original gods are long forgotten.
    Even worse, the hymn-writers steal the heavenly ancient Gayatri mantra tune and replace the lyrics with their favorite Gods.
    Copywriting definitely wasn't a thing in religious world.

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