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    Verizon Hyderadad layoffs

    Are the layoffs that Verizon is doing at their Hyderadad offices being done to clear out employees with higher salaries, or are they employees with skills that are outdated and need to go? Verizon does this in the USA all the time and, although it's usually blamed on clearing out American employees for cheaper Indian contractors, it's also done to get rid of expensive deadweight with outdated skillsets. Just wondering what the truth is with these actions in India.
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    Software companies are always looking for cheaper employees as hefty pay scales cannot be afforded during lean period and no contracts for them. Layoffs has been happening in many companies but the employees are not reporting even in social media .While getting employed a bond has been signed with expressed condition that the company can remove or terminate the service on their own without assigning any reason. So there are no laws to protect the IT employees from that kind of situation. Is the Labour Minister at Center and state listening?
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    The mass recruitment and hire -n- fire system in the IT sector was always an enigma to me. I always wondered why there was no resentment and protest from employees. I wondered why the trade unions are also not minding about the IT sector employees.

    From my interactions with some employees in IT sector, I came o know the following. I may be corrected if my information is wrong.

    In other sectors recruitment takes place when there is actual vacancy or vacant slots are identified for planned imminent expansion on hand or replacement. In IT sector recruitment is not done with any exact identification of vacancies. It is more to 'show strength and readiness' so that they can canvas business convincing the prospective clients that they have sufficient human resources to take up their project and complete within deadline. So the IT companies go on mass recruiting.

    If they get business (they call as project) the freshers along with some experienced seniors are engaged in the new projects. Otherwise they are simply kept on the rolls and paid salary. This is euphemistically called as 'on the bench'. So the prayer and aim of any employee is to get a project. However the employees also become selective, because not all project experience give them career enhancing opportunity or enhanced experience. Periodically the companies make review and evaluation and if they do not have sufficient projects they send out the excess people.

    Sometimes when they flnd that seniors are burden for them due to redundancy, obsolescence or cost factors they send the seniors also off. Expecting this from the very beginning, there is no mutual loyalty between the employees and the employer in IT sector.

    The employees are always on the look out for change for better job. If they spot one they will quit. Only a change of job ensures them a step rise. Remaining in the same company does not give them such rise. Some even join the companies of their project clients also. Most employees wait and try to be part of overseas projects, so that they can have excellent opportunities for better jobs.

    So unlike the conventional employments, neither the employees nor the employers in IT sector feel the pinch of resignation, quitting or lay off. Both side have enough opportunities. The companies send out some; recruit some new people. The employees quit one company, in another company. No regret, no sentiments for both.

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    Not only It sector but also in general industries this trend is visible these days. Once upon a time people who are staying in the same are being honoured as seniors and taken as their backbones. But these days there are Organisation in which the management thinks that seniors are heavyweights and they are unnecessary for the Organisations.
    But in manufacturing sector especially in the production department, the persons with hands-on experience and sensors are treated as the real guys for the development of the product and the organisation.
    But in some departments like accounts, marketing and administrative departments seniors will be treated as heavyweights in these organisations also. That is why employees also try to shift from one organisation to other organisation to keep the growth rate raising.

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    Generally in the corporate sector, the older you are, the harder you fall as you become more of a financial burden to the money-minded organization. Often, there is no weightage given for seniority and experience and 2-3 freshers can work for the pay and perks of a 10-15 yr old veteran. The world is changing at a rapid pace and one needs to be constantly re-inventing themselves to stay in the race. Every now and then, the top chaps take the lion's share of the bonus or salary budget of the company and then come with a plan of lean and mean approach or trim down approach etc to get off the extra flab. The IT sector is going through troubled times wherein there is a constant reshuffling that keeps happening to keep the finance books in good condition. The concept of the employee being vital to the company is more of a statement that the truth, the countless employee satisfaction surveys are all to hoodwink the investors or to safegaurd the corporate image.

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