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    Dhanurmasam starts from today,Thirty days of prayers to Goddess Godadevi or Andal

    Entire South India is celebrating the start of Dhanurmasam or Margazhi Masam we call it in Tamil during which each day one Pasuram or the prose being recited concieved and written by Goddess Godadevi or Andal who later become consort of God Ranganatha. Thirty contents of Tiruppavai have great meaning to the mankind and each pasuram has the all details of how Godadevi approached Lord Krishna and able to convince him to accept her reverence and pooja. I hope many ISC'ans would also recite the stanzas of Tirupavai daily in honour of Andal.
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    The statement that the entire South India is not fully correct. In Kerala Dhanu has no much importance. Whereas the next month Makaram has more importance. Perhaps certain category of people might be giving some importance to this day. I am not sure. However, Kerala as such is not having any celebration.
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    I have knowledge about this auspicious month, where recitals called tirupavai are recited in praise of God. We are unable to recite it because the tirupavai are in Tamil. I listen to them. Children recite during this month each day at the school assembly.

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    The Dhanur month(Dhanu Maasam in Malayalam, Margazhi in Tamil) is the month starting when the Sun enters the Dhanur Rashi or Zodiac Sagitaarius.
    As India is lying North Of Equator, Sun's transit in the Northern hemisphere is significant for us. The northern trans of Sun is called Uttrayana. Uttarayana starts from the Makara Sankranti orbeginning of Makara Month. Makara month starts once Dhanu Masam ends.

    Dhanu month is important for Vaisnavites and Saivaites. The month is exclusively used for devotion, worship and God related matters like Bhajan, poojas etc. Hence functions like marriage etc are not conducted during Dhanu month. For Saivaites the Aarudra festival or Thiruvaathira festival falls during the month of Dhanu. The 41 day Mandala period for Sabarimala worship concludes in the first ten days of Dhanu month. The Swarga Vaathil(Vaikunta Vaasal) Ekadasi considered as a very sacred one believed to lead us to heaven and eternalness on our death) falls in the Month of Dhanu.

    The early mornings of Dhanu month with its pleasant coolness is used for special bhajan chanting and even now locally devotee groups walk along the streets chanting bhajans and keertans early mornings.

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    Most of my Keralite friends who reside in Hyderabad also follows this auspicious month.
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    From today this Dhanumasam starts. Mainly this is a festival time for all Vaisnavites. The everyday early morning before sunrise in Vishnu temples they perform special poojas. All devotees will go to the temple and participate in these poojas. Near my house, there are two temples. One temple is for Venkateswara Swamy and the other one for Ranganatha Swamy. In both these temples, a lot of activity during this month.
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    Nice to know the importance of Dhanu masam, great details mentioned so far, didn't know so much of about this month, elders at home do the pooja and on the day of Thiruvathirai, our aunt would send the Thiruvathirai kali (gruel) which is like porridge and very tasty.

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    In Hinduism, the story of Andal was to emphasize strong faith and belief on God and through which we can surely attain even Him. Her Thiruppavai rendering makes the people especially girls to get up in the earlier morning for 30 days and through which this would become practice in their life. Every religion the festivals and pooja are only meant for their goodness in their life. In dhanu month temples are offering prasadam like pongal etc., to attract children and put them also in the track to get up in the early hours.

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