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    Rahul Gandhi as the president of Congress

    For Rahul Gandhi it is a big day today. He has opted to rule the Congress after his mother Sonia Gandhi is taking the decision of retirement from the party.There are celebrations going on within the party. How far will Rahul Gandhi go to show his worth.? Has there been any change in his working?Some feel he has become more mature and is more serious in dealing politics. Please put in your views" Rahul as President of Congress. "
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    With a world record of losing consecutive twenty-seven elections (or is it more?) under his belt, Mr. Gandhi is going to take charge of the grand old party of the world. We must congratulate him as well as BJP for his presidentship.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Let us congratulate the young leader on his new assignment. He has been elected by his party members and they will chart out their future programs after due assessments and deliberations. If a relatively new party could come to power after so many makeovers and shift of stances, after having lost almost all elections they had contested under different colors and that too after almost five decades of Indian democracy, a lull period of the oldest party in national politics is nothing that would call for a celebration for those who are on the other side.
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    Keeping aside all disputes and debates for a while, let us now congratulate the perpetually young president of the grand old party.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Saji's comments reflect my own. Best wishes to Rahul Gandhi on the occasion of taking over as the President of Congress party.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    It is our duty to congratulate the leaders whether they are good or bad, capable or incapable, efficient or inefficient, bold or coward, intelligent or stupid. What will be the future of Congress party under the presidentship of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, an immatured politician at the helms of affairs of a reputed party of India. It is to be seen and understood after the next election to parliament.
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    Now many feel that Rahul Gandhi is more a matured man and he is the best among the available leaders in Congress. I hope he will get the support of other senior leaders within the party and he will lead the party from the front. The congress presently is in a very bad shape and hope with this young man at the helm of the affairs will get back its old glory and do well in the coming days. He can utilise the advice of veteran Congress leaders like Manmohan Singh and anyhow his mother is there behind him for all required help and support. His sister Priyanka also will also be with him to give him support as required. Let us all wish the young Congress president a happy and more fruitful time on this seat for the coming years. We also wish Sonia Gandhi a happy and joyful retires life in the coming years.
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    The anointment is actually way late.Had it happened at least a decade earlier, or even five years ago things would have been different. Rahul has to now work very hard to compensate for the lost time and opportunities.

    Of late he has shown some change, positive for a leader, and I hope that he sustains that and improves and grows to a balanced matured leader. Our democratic system will be stable and strong only when the ruling and opposition are having strong,stable and mature leaders at anytime.

    I hope Rahul will stay in the country and lead his party even during any crisis and not leave abstaining his responsibility in such times. I also hope he makes the Congress party a truly democratic party in letter and spirit.

    I wish the new Party President of the Congress party all the best to lead his party and serve the nation in any role assigned to him and expected of him by the people.

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    So great grand son of Jawarhar Lal Nehru, grand son of Indira Gandhi, son of Rahul Gandhi has become the President of Congress party. I do not find any difference in his elevation. Because hither too due to ill health of Sonia Gandhi , he was only looking after the party and in fact guided to the worst position so far. I really pity at the celebrations being held at his residence on his elevation as if he has become PM of this country.Just only 48 hours is left for two states assembly elections results and drubbing is for sure. Then where will he would keep the face. Congress has been disseminated from the country and his elevation wont matter at all.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Congratulations and wish Mr.Rahul Gandhi on taking over as the President of the Congress party that had great legends and he succeeds the stalwarts of the Nehru family like Motilal Nehru, Jawarhalal Nehru. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. India and Indians never really accepted Ms. Sonia in the fold, so its up to him now.
    These are testing times wherein he is struggling to keep the party afloat and has to live up to high expectations. In all the gloom, if there is any one person who can chart a slow recovery for the party, it would be Rahul Gandhi, he is just a few years short of 50, he has learn't the dynamics of the Indian electorate. If he can get the veterans in the party and focus on long-term plans to do some good work and become a respected opposition party that would be the first major achievement, then he can think about winning elections. There are lots of if's and buts in this but it's good starting point and probably his and the party's last chance to redeem its long-lost glory.

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    My Best wishes to Rahul Gandhi for his new duty I hope he will do his best even joke will be there. I think we cannot decide today what will be tomorrow so we need to wait for sometimes to do right comments.

    As per today, I will say if one person like Narendra Modi can change BJP then why same way cannot happen in Congress just they need to find the right person.

    At the time of Manmohan BJP was struggling and today Congress is struggling and things can be right if the decision is right.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    He assumed the charge at a time when the party completely lost it glory but the new change over would surely give a moral boost to the cadre. His lead role in the Gujarat election has proved his maturity in politics and we should not ignore the fact that he is actively involved in politics for more than 13 years as a MP. The ruling party's changed version from developmental model to foreign interference in Indian election is surely a symbol for the changed strategy to fight the newly emerging leadership of the Congress. We never expected that a party which represented with 2 members rose to power after two decades and we can't rule out the possibility of the comeback of India's oldest political party in a democratic country like India where the pulse of the voter we can't determine.

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    The newly crowned President of the Congress has some cause to be happy, Congress knew deep within that they cannot win in both states. In Gujarat, they have managed to reduce the lead of BJP which is a good start for Rahul Gandhi to build and focus on.

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    Wishing Rahul Gandhi all the best for his new assignment.
    By his elevation as President of the party, It is proved that only a member from Gandhi family can unite Congress.
    BJP has won Gujarat, Himachal elections. Now they are aiming a 'Congress Mukt Bharat" (Congress free India) and slowly they are moving towards it.
    In a vibrant democratic set up, we need strong oppositions to question constructively each and every actions of the ruling party.
    Let us hope, he will be able to stop BJP's march towards its goal of Congress free India.
    What you say?

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