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    Android Go for low RAM phones-how do you see it

    A few days ago I read that Android Go is launched in India. It is an optimised version of Android * or Oreo, optimised for low end phones having 512 MB to 1 GB RAM.

    This will give those who use such phones also have up-to-date Android experience. It would be nice if the existing Android users with 512 MB to 1 MB RAM are able to update to Oreo Go without changing their handsets. That will avoid many handsets going redundant and adding to non-degradable waste and pollution. As of now the handset makers will utilise the opportunity to install it only in new handsets, as that only will boost their business.

    Do you think there is a possibility for us to install Oreo Go n the existing handsets?
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    I am lifting this thread as it did not get a response. May be it went unnoticed or may be the subject is not clear from the title and content.

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    Didn't see this until your second message caught my eye sir, no need to remove the thread. Sounds like a good idea to use Oreo Go on the lower end/economy model mobile handset with low RAMs to enable the users to have the Android experience without having to switch to a new phone. Understandable that the mobile manufacturers would avoid offering it to old handsets as it would reduce the sales of newer mobile handsets. I think, its a matter of time before someone comes up with a free compatible similar app or a similar version of Oero Go with how to install instructions that can be used on old phones.

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    This thread gave me a new information. I never know about Android go. It may be nice if we can install this on the existing low end hand sets.But as opined by Natarajan, the mobile manufacturers will definitely not encourage offering this to the existing hand sets. But if they allow it it will be very good so that many hand sets will not become obsolete. The technology is changing every day. So chances are there that a similar app that can be installed easily will come without any futther cost. Let us wait for a moment. Definitely we will have it.
    always confident

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