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    Do you know about traffic snarls & if yes how would you reach on time?

    It has become a challenge for any one to drive in big metros whether on two wheeler or four wheeler. Reaching the destination cannot be time bound and have to consider alternate routes for reaching the place. Mostly the traffic are more towards, bus stands, railway stations, malls and multiplex. And those who are using regular routes should also know the alternate so that reaching the destination would be sure and early than planned. Do you have the idea of traffic snarls in your city and towns ?
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    I have found that the taxi drivers and auto drivers are paranoid about traffic jams. Many times I had experienced that. The moment we say the destination, they will either say sorry sir, there is traffic jam, road is blocked. Or they will say we have to roundabout way as the straight route is blocked due to traffic.. Many a time I had insisted on them to take the straight route because I was sure that there was not that much traffic jam. It is just the habit and the impatience of the drivers that over blow the real situations. When there is traffic jam in the min road, the arterial roads also get blocked soon. The situation will be worse because the arterial roads will be less broad than the main roads.

    Sometimes when we insist them to take alternate routes they do not mind also and then murmur by entering into the jammed road.

    Except for certain unusual situation beyond our control, a little patience and orderly complying of the traffic rules can see us through faster. The traffic jams are made worse by those who jump the queue and squeeze into every available space with a spirit 'I first,I first'.
    In my place I see the two wheeler riders take their vehicle on the footpaths also hindering pedestrians.

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    I use to tell my driver that if you know the routes in an area thoroughly, you should drive carefully as you know the traffic, congestion, Potholes etc., Similarly if you a new one to the Place then also you should very careful as you do not know the Place and surroundings. But whenever we proceed to the railway station or Bus stand or office normally we should expect the snarls of traffic, congestion etc., and we should provide time for such things as margin. If you know the alternative routes also in sometimes we cannot rely on that possibility also as we cannot expect the hindrances there such as closure for maintenance.

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    Traffic jams are nowadays very common. The people who don't follow traffic rules and try to crisscross the roads will always create these problems. Generally, I travel in my vehicle. But I have a driver who knows the city well. he knows which route will have more traffic and which route is free and other details. As my driver is a native of my city, he is having a full idea of all the roads of this city. He follows all the traffic rules and when I sit in the vehicle I will also not allow him to go high speed. So there is no problem for me. But as expressed by Venkiteswaran, I also feel the hurried nature of the commuters is only creating these problems. A little patience for 2 or 3 minutes will make the things easy. But many don't have this patience.
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    Being in the city, we are resigned to traffic snarls, jams and flaring tempers and continuous honking.Sometimes I'm amazed who we all are able to travel, everything is piled against the responsible road users, the narrow roads, encroached roads, people jaywalking, irregular parking, potholes, dug up areas, the list is endless. Earlier, I used to get angry and fed up with these situations but now I've realised that there is very little that people with common sense can do because we are outnumbered by a big margin. I trace out the route and the side arterial roads, leave early, plan any other work just before or after lunchtime. Returning home would have to be leaving just before 5 or after 7:30 so that the evening rush is little better. I have no respect for the water tankers, speeding two-wheelers who have no regard for the safety of other road users and are literally bullies on the roads.

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