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Did you guess the authors right for the GTA contest? Check the answers here & find out!
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    Guess the Author contest - answers

    Here is the list of authors who wrote the title and text for the Guess the Author contests. I will announce the winners of the contests & the author who received the most votes separately after the points tally is double checked.

    Aditya - Recitation
    Partha - Textbooks
    Dr. Rao - Research
    Umesh - Advisor
    Saji Ganesh - Discipline
    T.M. Sankaran - Teacher
    Natarajan - Skills
    Venkiteswaran - Mentor
    Pooja - Writing
    Jagdish - Language
    Joyshree - Analysis
    Juana - Knowledge
    Neethu - Words
    Vandana - Guidance
    Ravi Shankar - Training
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    Hmmmmm... My performance was terrible. 4 out of 15 (including my own paragraph).
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Wah! I caught the first author right in GTA 1 and GTA 2, and failed to get the other authors. One is not a bad number.
    Vandana, The guess is based on the persons, not their writing style. You made the members to bite the dust with your cunning contest.

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    Same is the case with me. My performance also was 4 out of 15 including my own. I am able to identify only 3 authors and their texts other than me in the contest. All these three are regular in the forum section. Of course, many of them are regular in this section but my guess went wrong. Anyhow a good contest. Another one or two such contests may make me a better guessing man. This is my sincere appreciation and thanks to the Managing Editor for conducting such a beautiful contest and making it a good success. I look forward to much more such contests in the coming future.
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    The clues provided were, "..there are 5 editors on the list;...5 authors are ladies".
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    May I also ask you the names of 5 Editors and 5 good ladies? The list contains only 14 authors. Where is the 15th author? There are only 4 editors including the ME, and there are only 4 ladies including Vandana. There should be one more lady editor to substantiate your clue.Who is she?

    The topic 'Analysis' and its author is missing from the list.

    Waiting for the announcement of the winners and the scores, to post my serious comments.

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    Yes, Mr. SuN is 100% correct. In the list of authors, there are four Editors and four Women, but in the hint given at the time of competition, it was stated that there would be five Editors and five women.

    ME may kindly clarify.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Partha, Rao, I am still worse, I feel.

    Had there been no clues,I feel, I would have fared better. Clues made me confused. Anyway, I feel I am not yet able n to correctly understand the writing style of members.
    But the contest was good. It gave some suspense and thrill. These kind of contests serve as a sort of introspection and review and point to us our lacking and flaws.

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    The authors were connected to their main activities at ISC. Every topic is connected with the authors talent. No one could have thought about the relationship between the author and the topic.

    For e.g. Adiya Mohan write poems as recitation. - Recitation
    Partha reads lot of text books to posts his thread.- Text books
    Dr. Rao is a reasearcher - Research
    TM Sankaran is a professor - Teacher
    Juana an intelligent member - Knowledge
    Vandana a guide in ISC _ Guidance
    Natarajan has good writing skill - Skills
    Venkiteswaran a matured member - mentor
    etc etc etc.

    To guess the topics advisor, discipline, writing, language, words and training cannot be related to any member.The topic Analysis is missing from the right authors list.

    So, the contest is not based on the text of the author but the nature of the author. Hope all will agree with me.

    A good contest but not a very good contest to appreciate. It could have been organised and conducted in a more better way.

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    I also felt the same thing after seeing the results. But this is an additional clue. We should be able to identify the author with his/her writing styles.
    always confident

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    Instead of the GTA, it could have been Match the following with the Author and their Topic. Text write up was not required.

    Aditya Mohan x Knowledge
    Juana X teacher
    Partha X Recitation
    TM Sankaran X Text book
    Natarajan X Guidance
    Vandana X Skills
    and so on......

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    My selections were purely a guess work, of course except that of mine. Naturally it will not be counted. However, in one case my guess was right, that of Dr. Rao (researcher). It was simple because only a researcher can be Ph.D. Any way this was a nice exercise. Thanks Vandana.

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    My analysis says that the name missing from the list must be that of a lady editor. Is it Asha Kurian?
    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Oops, Sorry, everyone! I missed out mentioning the name of author #11 and have updated the list just now in this thread. That was Joyshree, who wrote the text for the topic 'Analysis'. As I had mentioned in the other thread, I had contacted other members initially. Three of them, one after the other, had not replied to my email. Hence I had requested Joyshree to write a text & was happy and thankful to her for being very prompt in sending her write-up in time for the contest announcement. I wish members would check their emails regularly!

    As for the clues, I had mentioned: "I had to select a new topic to somewhat match the author and/or his/her role/contributions." One participant at least seemed to have been alert to that clue and intelligently done some smart work to get more than half the authors right for the second contest.

    Keeping in mind feedback given here, I hope to organize the next GTA in January with some major modifications...wait for it!

    I will announce the winners of the contests today.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    The best way to conduct 'Guess the Author' contest would be - Give a topic, and ask the members to write on that particular topic and send it to your e-mail ID. Post all the write ups of the authors and ask the members to guess the right author of the text. You should indicate the names of authors too.

    Topic - Elephant
    Write up
    Author 1 - Elephant is a good animal
    Author 2 - Elephant is a big animal
    Author 3 - Elephant is a black coloured animal
    Author 4 - Elephant is Lord Ganapathy
    Author 5 - Elephant is an intelligent animal
    Author 6 - Elephant has big ears.
    Author 7 - Elephant fears tigers
    Author 8 - Elephant runs fast.
    Author 9 - Elephant is not a good animal.

    The authors of the write ups are - Mr. A, Ms, B, Mr. C, Mr. X Mrs Y .........

    Guess the author - who wrote what.

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    I am mentioning the scores of the participants in this thread itself & the names of the winners have been announced separately. Please let me know if any errors in the totals mentioned below.

    Scores in contest 1:-
    Chitra - 4
    Sun -1
    Pooja - 1+self
    Partha - 4+self
    Venkiteswaran - 2+self
    Aditya - 2+self
    Dr. Rao - 5+self
    T.M. Sankaran - 1+self
    Neethu - 5+self
    Padmini - 1

    Scores in contest 2:-
    Chitra - did not participate
    Sun - 1
    Pooja - did not participate
    Partha - 2+self
    Venkiteswaran - 1+self
    Aditya - none correct+self
    Dr. Rao - 5+self
    T.M. Sankaran - 1+self
    Neethu - 3+self
    Padmini - 2
    Rajee - none correct
    Soundharya - 9

    Points scored by authors for their write-ups as per votes from members:-
    Aditya - 15
    Partha - 21
    Dr. Rao - 21
    Umesh - 25
    Saji Ganesh - 33
    T.M. Sankaran - 25
    Natarajan - 27
    Venkiteswaran - 29
    Pooja - 32
    Jagdish - 29
    Joyshree - 24
    Juana - 21
    Neethu - 19
    Vandana - 23
    Ravi Shankar - 23

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Amazing contest. Still laughing at my scores. It was really difficult for me to guess the authors based on the titles and it made me realize that I am not regular in forum section nowadays. I am happy that my scores are not zero :)
    To make this contest more approachable and to have more participants, I guess "Match the following" exercise will help us. It was really difficult to guess 15 authors blindly from the whole Forum section and this increased the confusion.
    Anyways, it was all good fun and will wait for next similar contest!


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