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    How much rich do you want to become

    Do you have a limit to how rich you wish to be? Interesting query to discuss, isn't it?

    There is no limit to human aspirations. Only very few will be there without aims and aspirations of becoming rich and wealthy.

    The human tendency is well said in an old Malayalam movie song- from the Film Bhakta Kuchela released in 1961.

    "Pathu labhichaal noorinu dhaaham
    Noorinor aayiram aakkaan moham
    Aayiramo pathinaayiramaakanam
    Aashakkulakithil alavundaamo "

    ( If you get ten, you yearn for hundred; once you get hundred then you want to make that to a thousand; thousand to be made ten thousand so on.....hopes and aspirations do not have limits.)

    What made me think on this was a piece of report in a news web site about the wealth and income of some celebrity couples. The figures were all in multi crores and multi millions. Most are unimaginable to ordinary mortals.

    What is your aim of becoming rich, how much rich do you want to become?
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    My richness is my satisfaction in my life. I am/ will be satisfied and quite contended with the following in my life.

    1. A good house to reside with all the amenities. - I have it now in my village.
    2. A vehicle for conveyance. (A car for my family, and a two wheeler for me) - I have my Padmini (44 yrs) & Hero Honda(9 yrs)
    3. A handsome earning to feed me and and my family members to live without any starvation. - I have it
    4. Some bank balance to meet emergency requirement and to take care of my old age. - I have it.
    5. A small farm land to call myself a landlord. - I have it.
    6. A golden chain on my neck and a ring on my finger. - I have it.
    7. Some cash in hand - I always keep Rs. 3000/- in a corner of my purse.
    8. A good computer & mobile phone for communication. - I have it
    9. Few sets of good clothings as Formal and informal wear- I have them.
    10 Some sum required for the betterment of my children, for their growth, education and marriage. - I had it, and my children have it. They care me now with some sum.

    I am not greedy to possess anything more than this. Anything I earn excess to my satisfaction will be distributed to the needy relatives and friends.

    No life without Sun

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    I am not greedy in my life nor I want to become rich like others. Always I prayed for the God to lead a decent life without being burden for anyone. And also I must be able to help others who seek financial assistance from me and that is enough for this life. My only concern is to satisfy the needs of my two children and wife who are dependent on me and I do not want anything more to boast of my wealth of money. If we are not greedy God will be kind enough to provide ways and means to get the needs satisfied and that is what happening with me with no so big luxury life but having decent life and respectable life in the society.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with Sun. My views are almost similar. I would want to live my life without depending anyone, especially when it comes to money matters. For other things, yes, of course, we will have to depend on others at some point of time. I have not yet reached that level where I am fully satisfied. I do have a house to stay, a car and some bank balance. But the money which I have now is not sufficient for me to live my life. Currently, I am happy as I have a job but that wouldn't be the case always. So I need to save little more as I am young and have a lot of years in front of me to cross with many commitments. But I really have clear plans in my mind and once I reach the amount I wish to have, I will definitely quit my job and will lead a peaceful life. I am not a person who wants to make more money like the celebrities. I just want to make sure that I and my dependents get proper food, clothes, other required facilities and a decent life. Also, I should be able to cover up the unexpected medical expenditures that might arise. I do not like borrowing money hence I need to be prepared but nothing above that is required. And I do not want to work my whole life to make money.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    I remember a story which I read recently somewhere.
    One day The King is going for a visit to his Kingdom. The Minister in Chief is also with him. On the way, the king happened to see a very happy man. That man is staying with his family and having a very good life. The king got a doubt. I am very rich, I am having a lot of money big bungalows, many people doing service to me always around. But I am not as happy as this man. He is having only a small farm and he has to work in the farm form morning to evening to feed his family. But he is very happy. How is it possible? He expressed his doubt after going back to the minister. The minister replied, my dear sir, he has not at joined in Club 99. The King asked what is club 99. The minister told the king sir, you give me some time and then I will tell you. He has taken 99 gold coins and put them in a bag and placed it near the door of the happy man. After a few minutes, the man opened the door and found the bag.He has taken it inside and counted the coins. There are 99 coins. He, again and again, counted thinking that nobody will put 99 but it should be 100. He counted many times. But they are 99 only. Now he decided that he has to earn another gold coin to make it 100. That day onward he has forgotten the happiness and always in earning the money only. Then the minister showed the same to the King and explained him.
    So there is no limit if you start earning. Go on earning only. But a person who is satisfied with what he is having is the happiest man on the earth.

    always confident

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    I think how rich one wants to be is proportional to their needs and inversely proportional to their greed and purpose in life.

    Sometimes, I wonder whether these superrich class of people really know what they have and where their wealth is? It's is unimaginable to think of the number of zeroes in their estimated worth. God bless them, nothing personal as long as the money is earned is ethical and morally acceptable.It is sad to note that often we also hear about poor people who commit suicide after being unable to repay a loan of a few thousand rupees.

    Most of our needs are as mentioned in the above replies, I need more but am happy with what God has given me and the best thing is I can sleep peacefully at the end of the day without the need for any medicinal aids.

    A small snippet, a princess was inconsolably crying for not be able to have an exquisite pair of shoes, she suddenly stopped crying and was lost of words when she saw the gardener happily humming along with the courtyard with two crutches as both his legs were deformed and useless. Here we have a princess blessed with everything but is unhappy for a shoe, whereas despite having to shuffle around with crutches the Gardner was happy.

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    Needs go on changing. For a hungry man food is the immediate need. Once his hunger is satisfied and his stomach full, he may need a bed to sleep. Thus it goes on changing and going on increasing.

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    I do not want to become very rich in life but I have aspirations to keep my parents happy. To have enough money that my father and mother both can live a satisfactory life. So that they do not have to take up any more loans for any important occasion or for my wedding also. I aspire to just have little more earning so that we are financially stable. Human needs keep changing, and there is one thing for certain, as our living status improves, our needs also increase and similarly we demand more money for more facilities, so we need to take care of that and not spend much where it not needed.
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    Many people work hard and try for name, fame and money. Everyone does not achieve it. It is not by choice. There is a mysterious combination of efforts and destiny in that pursuit.

    Still we want to become rich. Every one yearns for that. The world is a place where bench mark for being a rich or super rich is very high. There are people who are donating more than what many people dream to have. So it is a relative concept.

    It is difficult to imagine our boundaries upto which we want to become rich. A rich people may have his own aeroplane and houses in good locations while a richer person may not only have aeroplanes and houses but may also be owning big multi national companies across the globe. So where is the end line.

    I remember a story by L Tolstoy where a person tries to acquire a big land piece by running and encirling it upto sunset as per the bet but dies on the way due to exertion and perspiration. The title of story was - how much land does a man require.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Members have given god inputs. Nice to know that our members are all no greedy to become filthy rich and realistically peg their aims and aspirations as of now.

    Many times I had written that I am scared of big amount of money, and that is why I never take lottery tickets. With small amounts that can satisfy our small needs we are peaceful and contented. Big money and very big money or wealth somehow leads us or involves people into crimes. Ill gotten wealth does not allow the people to enjoy it till the last minute. Somewhere they are denied of the full enjoyment, making them regret why at all they spent their life and peace in pursuit of such wealth. Nemesis catches with them ultimately. At least that is what I believe.

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    You may deny it but your heart won't. We all want to be rich. As rich as we can get.
    It was when the chess game was invented by a sage to a king. The king was overjoyed and promised the sage anything he desires. The sage replied, add one grain in one box of chess, two grains in second, and multiply the number of grains of the present box with previous one and so on.
    Soon the king found out that he'll never reach the 64th box with all the grains in the world.

    Why did I narrate such story now? I want to fill the 64 boxes of chess. That is how rich I want to be.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    #619601. Venkiteswaran sir, at one stage I was like many ambitious, wanting to have everything and above within my reach. But as years have gone by, I've seen suffering, sudden loss or a crisis, people ridiculously rich and young but suddenly snatched away from this world by an accident, heart attack etc. People with money that can last for three generations but the problems at home being unimaginable. It's not a case of fox and the sour grapes but a case of drawing a line between happy realism and unhappy fantasy. If more comes our way, we should be happy and thankful to God, if not, we should not lose sleep over it.

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    Aditya Mohan,
    The story of the sage was not to become rich, but to teach the King about his stupidity. Just click here to read my interesting story .

    No life without Sun

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    Nice contrasting views and perception of the chess board, Aditya wanting to fill all the boxes and Mr.SuN pointing out that the story is that of a wise sage trying to convey a message to the King. I would agree with Aditya, early in life, one has to be ambitious to have the drive to succeed rather than be contented with what's in hand, I'm not asking to be greedy but laziness should not set in. I read your article/ story, wonderful how Siram humbles the CM. Is the final figure true Mr.SuN? ( "Rupees - 1,84,46,74,40,73,70,95,61,615".). I can't even understand/ comprehend it.

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    Aditya Mohan has given his 'dream' true to his youthful view. Only after knowing what wealth and money is worth for us can we philosophise on them.

    In the four purushartha -Dharma Artha, Kama, Moksha- Arth or wealth is given its place. Hence to earn and be rich also is needed. The question is 'how much'. Probably there is no formula for that. It is custom set.

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    I would want to be rich enough only to the extent of being able to either afford an ownership home one day or to get membership to a good retirement community complex & having enough to meet health expenses during my twilight years. I would not want excessive wealth beyond these requirements, due to the worry of wondering what to do with it (if giving to charity, then which one would be the worry.) I am sure the celebrities with zillions are consulting their accountants often to know where to park their wealth to avoid taxes and where to invest to become rich further!
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    If anyone says he/she doesn't want to be a rich, he/she directly lie to themselves. Money is a thing for that people (some people) don't hesitate to sale their soul. This main question is how would you handle your wealth and fame once you become so rich?

    It is easy to say that I don't want to become so rich, or I don't buy a lottery tickets but if the opportunity comes, the same people will run behind money leaving all their sense. Everyone wants money, if you have money, you have your life, if you have more money, you live like a king. If you have more and more money, then you need to know to handle it.

    In this matter, I really appreciate Sachin Tendulkar who before becoming 21 in his life, become millionaires. He continued earning money and handled himself better than many.

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    Yesterday, I realized that I will be required to pay a good sum as income tax, and started worrying as to how to avoid paying income tax that can be saved to help the needy. Had I been not earning so much, I would not have worried this much. To save income tax, I thought of investing in fixed deposit for 5 years. But the maximum amount that can be invested in FD is only Rs. One lakh. Like this, many things worry me. My richness is my satisfaction.
    No life without Sun

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    I want to earn as much money as possible, provided there is an opportunity. There is no limit to it. I may not be able to spend all the money for myself. I will have peace of mind considering that the family is safe to the extent of the money earned by me. It is not that they need not earn. It is a factor of safety. Apart from this, I will be in a position to share some of my money with the society which makes all of us what we are.I do not want to deceive myself that I will be content with what is necessary for me.
    All are not capable of earning money in crores of rupees. Very few can do that as the example given by the author. Let them earn as much as possible. The industrialists like Ambani are earning money unimaginable by us. One thing we have to note. They are earning for themselves and at the same time providing employment to crores of people to make a living. They are donating money to charitable institutions. I encourage people who are capable of earning as much as possible. I only wish, they share a part of it with the society for its welfare.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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