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    Library and its uses

    Ever been a regular member of a public library or used the library often during your academic years? Share your wonderful experiences of libraries.

    Since the introduction of mobiles and computers, the usage of library is coming down to a considerable extent.

    Library is a word derived from the Latin word 'liber' which means books. The world's first library was started in temples in Greek. Later in the fourth century the libraries were started in schools of philosophy.

    The importance of libraries and benefits of book reading is not understood fully by present generation people. One person who is really interested to read books cannot afford to buy books on his own' moreover a same topic may have different authors as well publishers and one cannot buy all such books. If he goes to a library, he can refer or read all books by sitting in one place.
    C.N.Annadurai, Great scholar of Tamilnadu told once that one can see the whole world simply through a book.

    There is no city or village without a library but it is reported that these have no proper maintenance, that poor maintenance is because of lack of people using them. People should visit libraries without fail as it brings good knowledge and it is only not meant for librarians.
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    Library has been used by many people for many purposes. Members of libraries borrow books to study. Libraries help in research activities. Libraries help economically weaker students. I have seen many students study in libraries because the environment at their residences is not conducive to study.

    I have also seen love-birds enjoying the company of their partners in the privacy of libraries.

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    Until I got employed, library was my most frequented visit place. I used to be a regular visitor to the local public library everyday. On holidays I used to be there from opening to end in both morning and evening sessions.
    After moving out on job, there were no public libraries in the vicinity. For some time I joined a lending library with rent. But then there was not much stocks and variety.
    Sometime earlier, I visited my old library. The library has since expanded with good building and seating facilities. But I saw a dearth of magazines in the reading section. I could see many old faces there. But the number of people visiting library has come down much. I did not see much youth there. The army of mosquitoes enjoying taste of my blood discouraged me from sitting there for more.

    Very sadly, I had to sell stocks of many hundred books as waste paper, I had bought through all these years, when i had to change residence and move to a smaller house. There was none ready to take even a few books even when I offered the whole stock fully free . Last two or three changes somehow I carried them with me paying the luggage charges, adding more at every stay.

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    I am fully agreeing with the author that books are our friends and nothing is better than learning from them. What I can understand that by reading the same book again and again, you infer different meaning every time and that is very amazing. In the library too there are many books for reference and we are being induced to read with the mere attraction of the title or the author. Some authors had the knack of arresting our interest and we would read the book in one go be it be has 400 pages more. And again they would read the same book and recollect the matter with their life.
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    During my education days, I used to use the library a lot. That is mainly during my M.Sc and PhD. Those after doing some work in the laboratory to publish the work in a reputed journal we have to do the literature survey to know the status of the work and how it compares to the existing work and is there any other works similar to our work. It used to take days together to complete the work. These days it has become easier by this google search and other searches. During my PG some books that are prescribed the Professor are available in the library only as reference books. So we used to go to the library and sit hours together.
    Even in villages, we used to have good libraries in the Panchayats and we used to go and sit and do some light reading. But slowly this reading books habit is coming down. Nobody likes to read books. Nobody likes to write. Store in the computer and refer it when you want. Days are changing. But even today in colleges and universities there are very good libraries.

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    The relevance of libraries has been overshadowed by the world wide web and the internet resources. Unfortunately, we cannot blame the present generation people as however hard we try, we cannot drive home the importance of the physical good old library. Today libraries are becoming innovative and incorporating other services to attract more people.
    I still remember the time take to look up, check cross reference so that we could write a decent page of matter for our thesis which was the biggest task at post graduation. Those days without internet, we used to pick up the books in turn (a limit of 3 books + 2 periodicals), then keep bits of paper markers that were relevant, if we couldn't complete, then take xerox copies and write down the books name on each reference. Now the world has changed dramatically saving time and paper. I still think we should preserve the library tradition as far as feasible, it may become a museum in the near future.

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    I would like to know that any article published in this site regarding how to set up a library, its operations, maintenance, digitization, re-publication of books etc. If so, request to share the link.

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    This is a useful thread. The importance of library has not come down. I am the Secretary of a main library of this area. This library was started in 1950 as a memorial of late great Malayalam poet Changampuzha Krishna Pillai who died in the year 1947 who lived only 37 years but produced thousands of lines in the form of poems.
    This library is at present having a collection of around forty thousand books. Recently we could renovate the library hall with a modern look. The State Library Council has selected this library into the grade of A plus, the first and only one library to get this status in this district.
    We have digitalised the books catalogue and distribution of books is also done using computer.
    Here the readership is increasing year after year. Books are also borrowed by members regularly. Recently we have arranged the facilities for e- reading. We are to conduct different programmes related to literary and arts fields every month. Together with the library activities we are giving training in Drawing, painting, Dance, different musical instruments, etc. More than 600 students are making use of these according to their tastes. In books section there is a children's corner. Hundreds of students make use of this. There is a reference section for those who are preparing for competitive examinations.
    A few years back I have published an article on libraries in the Article section, "A brief history of libraries in Kerala".


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