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    Santa's cap came to the rescue.

    "Zhang. No one is coming for rescue. Quit screaming already", a frustrated and hopeless Heo complained. "We're 50 feet below the ground. In this godforsaken rift. At extreme north. Isn't this ironic? Our mission was to look after the protection of polar bears. We can still save them, by serving as their dinner today".
    "Just shut up! I am trying to think. Are you sure all of our equipment were left outside? While we were trying to escape that avalanche?" Heo nodded sorrowfully and added "Our food and heat supplies too. We won't live to see tomorrow."
    The nearest village was 200 miles down south. Temperature inside the rift was even lower because of the cool water flowing down the walls. Heo and Zhang now started showing symptoms of hypothermia. "Heo. You're my best friend. Thanks for living and dying by my side", Zhang blabbered. "I sometimes wonder if I could eat ice. I like icecream. I lick it. Lick! Lick!" Replied an indifferent Heo. Immediately Heo licked his frozen knife and his tongue stuck to it. Hypothermia has snatched away their minds.
    Zhang watched helplessly as Heo struggled with the knife. His eyelids felt heavy and he was prepared to sleep forever. But like a dream, a red cloth hung down from above. Zhang and Heo,with residual sanity and energy, climbed fast to the top. But the climb has rendered them powerless. An old man came and poured warm water over Heo's tongue to release his tongue. With hot coffee he restored the friends.
    When they woke up, they were in their camp with their crew around. Zhang looked around to spot his savoir but there was no sign. No sign, but a Santa cap lying down on snow.
    Zhang held it close to his heart and thanked the Santa Claus for saving them.
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    Some times the things which are immaterial for us would be great helpful for others. This creative contribution on Santa cap helping others is clearly evident.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good story. It is true sometimes when we feel that we are carrying unnecessary stuff with us. But the same may come in handy at a certain time of your life. The author conducted the story very nicely and my appreciations to him. I think it is the first entry in the competition. All the best to the author
    always confident

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    A nice story that combines a real event that can happen to mountaineers and the glory of Christmas, the helping Santa bringing them back safely. Nice entry of the season's competition.

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    A thrilling story with a touch of mystery in it, I really liked this story within the word limit. All the best I hope this story may win a prize.
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    A good imaginative story from the author. The setting of the story is different. The word-limit is 350-600 words. So, it is within the limit. But the role of Santa's cap is minimal in this story.

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