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    Will their profession become obsolete?

    They learn their skills with considerable difficulty. They go to such schools which are not affiliated to any Board. Their schools are generally located in dilapidated buildings or in slums. To successfully clear their examinations, their eyesight must be excellent, their deft fingers are tested very minutely and strictly. Their hand-leg coordination must be excellent. They must have the ability to understand human psychology. They must possess the ability to convince the authorities in case of emergencies.

    Even after such strict training, when they finally join their profession, their daily life is not that smooth. Everyday is an examination for them. Sometime they are successful and occasionally they fail. They can't work in any other areas except the locality earmarked for them. Their profession is fraught with danger.

    But, unfortunately their scope of work has been diminishing rapidly. People have started relying on online transaction more and more. People don't go to the banks or ATMs frequently to withdraw cash. People don't carry large cash nowadays. More importantly, salaries are being deposited directly to the employees' accounts.

    What would happen to them? Will their profession become obsolete? Does anybody think about the plight of the pickpockets?
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    Nowadays many people are not carrying cash with them. But Ladies carry gold ornaments with them in their handbags. So now these pickpocketers are very busy in finding ladies carrying handbags with them and started showing their skills there. So even though they are not getting cash easily but they are getting gold. As such, there is no immediate threat to their profession. But the risk involved is increased. But we need not worry much for their livelihood. Somehow they will manage. These days chain snatching cases are increasing because of these problems only. Their main target these days is ladies only. Ladies handbags or ladies chains.
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    No No No. Pickpockets will never become obsolete. They have enriched their business. These days, everyone carry a mobile phone in their pockets. The cost of mobile phone ranges from few hundred to many thousands. We can call them 'Cell Pickers'. Lady pickpockets target the lady's handbags. Gent pickpocket target the gold chain, and they snatch them by using a two wheeler.
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    Dr. Rao and Mr. SuN: Please think about the profession. Earlier it was an art involving deftness of fingers, understanding people's reaction, diverting their attention by various ways, etc. But nowadays, it is becoming more violent. The sophistication is missing!
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    Pickpocketing depends on sleight of hand. Though sleight of hand is termed bad, it is a trait used in many fields.
    One such is magic. Other is card games(poker and black jack).
    Sleight of hand is as old as civilization itself. So it will always exist.
    It's just that the pickpockeers instead of looting you will earn what they deserve.

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    In some ways, it is an art to mislead, pick a pocket and escape unnoticed. Many notice the loss after some time or when they find a fine cut in the fabric of the back pockets or lower part of their handbags. As change is inevitable, these professionals also will undergo metamorphosis and change into something else equally bad or more sinister.I think Mr.SuN is correct, now many temples have signboards, beware of the pickpocket, check your purse and mobiles. Certainly, their pickings would not be as rich as the previous one.

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    Well pickpocket profession is a crime and no one would encourage it. Those who are in that field would be caught sooner or later because the cctv cameras are installed at every places including inside the buses , so they are not going to carry such acts in future which would be futile. Moreover as the author said, now a days people are not carrying much cash with them and even the pick poketeer happens to pick the purse the credit cards are lost and the would be bothered. One thing is sure, those who are caught and being sent to jail are being rehabilitated to stream line their life in the jail. So they can mend their future. But still there are people who wont forget their old profession and wants to continue the same even after having jail term. They would turn more brilliant as new ideas would have emanated with the friends suggested new ways to go ahead.
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    Pickpocketing being a crime, I am amused that we still have law abiding citizens among us who are worried about their plight with the introduction of digital financial transactions by the center. It is no doubt a humanitarian thought but would we be worrying about other criminals too (though the level of crime may be different) at some point of time if, due to any reason, they are not able to carry on with the skill they have professed? I would just like to mention that a person who is used to such ways of making a living will definitely find out other means to carry on and so I don't think such professions will become obsolete; the strategy and methods may, though, change.
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    I will take this just for fun and awareness, not to encourage such criminal matters.

    Even pickpockets adopted and upgraded learning new techniques for the new situations. There are thefts, stealing and cheating happening at ATM counters itself. Pick-pocketing has also mutated into online pocketing. It is already happening. Awareness video clips have been circulating in Whatsapp showing how the criminals paste a tape below the cash dispensing node blocking cash coming out, and then after the account holder had exited desperate and disappointed, these criminals move in, remove tape and collect the cash.

    There may be many other tricks too. Police department gives out alert about such new modus operandi for the benefit of public.

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    I don't think anyone at ISC would support these pickpockets. One of the positive advantages of widely popular social media and platforms is that there are numerous videos that are forwarded of people using diversion tactics to snatch chains, bags, suitcases, stealing from parked cars or two-wheelers. Maybe these are people who have already switched over from pickpocketing to other means to earn money illegally,

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    Author's view entirely different as he is seeing the nature, difficulty etc., involved in the job. We are seeing many serials tn television which has good directions and turns, in that we should see director's talent rather getting boredom. Not now in 1950's my grand mother against criticising or commenting cinema by saying,'we are paying only 2 Anna's but in what way we can comment them?'

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    Alas! I thought the Members would praise the author's sympathetic view to people of the lowest strata of the society. I thought the Members would praise the author's detailed knowledge about painstaking training of those unfortunate(?) criminals.

    I am sadly mistaken! (Joking)

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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