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    My article is deleted

    Its so much disappointing today as my article Why should you study or educate yourself? is deleted stating its copied content!

    I have invested my 40 Min of time to frame it and just like that someone who has reviewed state that its copied content. I have put a lot of effort to frame it! I Can't really express how much demotivating it is.

    Check my article at and tell me where you can find it! Also, let me know if ISC is really reliable one. Anyone while reviewing can copy our content and say its copied and they can use it for posting as their content! Easy job you see.
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    I am eagerly waiting for reply from all the article and content writers and let me know whats gone wrong

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    It is disheartening if our work has been rejected. Is the definition quoted word for word getting flagged up as copied content? The write-up sounds more like in first person terms you, I, is this impacting the quality of the article? Have you used Grammarly to edit or any online plagiarism checker? Let's see with the section editors have to say about this? I'm sure you can modify it at re-submitted based on their suggestions and requirements.

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    I can't comment upon the ''copying'' part. But, article in ISC requires a proper summary and appropriate sub-titles. And I feel that the number of words in this article is less than 500 (which is the minimum word-limit).
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    Mamatha do not get disheartened with the first rejection of your article. Being a new member your enthusiasm has overtaken and over shadowed the very following our posting guide lines and rules. For a good article there should be good heading, apt summary and above all the content should match with the title and be with much detailing without spelling mistakes and sub headings. If possible even images of self made can be appended to give greater looks. Before writing the above article, you should have gone through the presentations made by many of our esteemed members in that section and a broader idea would have got on how to present a article. Moreover you can always take a cue from any source on a article, but when it comes to writing , it must be your own creation and not imported from any source. So never dishearten with first deletion as it would be stepping stone for the greater article writing calibre in you.
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    Mamatha, your complaint has been put up to the concerned panel. Please wait for a response.

    I would like to mention a few points in connection with the thread you had raised. Firstly, your apprehension about your article being copied by the editor reviewing the same is unfounded and totally in bad taste. The accusation is questioning the credibility of our editors and that was unwarranted. ISC is a genuine site and our editors are monitored by the admin.
    Secondly, you have not followed the posting guidelines while posting your article.
    Thirdly, copied content does not necessarily mean that you have copied the entire content; it will fall within the category even if you have copied only some parts and even when you have changed words or sentences so as to make them appear as original.
    And finally, don't you think it was wrong on your part to have reproduced the content that was deleted in your thread?

    Anyways, wait for a response from the editing team. You are a new member and, as all of us here, can learn by correcting our mistakes. There is nothing to feel disheartened about. Keep contributing by following the guidelines. All the best.

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    Your article has been shifted to pending status. Please make the necessary corrections as per the instructions put in by the editor and re-submit it.

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