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    If you are given the task of clicking images in a function, how will you do that?

    In many instances at the functions and even in marriages, apart from professional photographers and videographers, the host wants to have some extra images taken by friends and relatives and in that regard they would insist someone to have exclusive shots of images from great angles and that particular photographer has the permission to access anywhere in the area. If you have been given the task, what would be your priorities? Will you click only the main persons of the functions, or even guests who have been busy in talking or everyone who visited the function?
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    Whenever I attend a marriage function or any other auspicious function of my own close relatives, I used to click photos with my own camera. I try to group them separately according to their relationship. All ladies who are sisters to each other- All ladies who joined the family - All men who are brothers - All men who joined the family - All children - All ladies who are aunties to me - All gents who are uncle to me etc;

    @ Once, in a marriage function of my cousin's son, while I was grouping the family members to click, one good lady(one of my cousin's wife) wanted my daughter to be with her. I said," Sorry, She won't match with this group." She did not understand, and left the group in an angry mood. I got annoyed and told her,"Never ever I will take a photo of you in future." When she was explained about the grouping, she realised and cried.

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    I will click anything that goes well and mingle with the mood and excitement of the occasion. The occasion is of happiness, meeting and mingling, reunions and reconnect, seeking blessings and giving best wishes. So I will try to include all this along with clicking the main functions and main characters. If viewed at a later date it should bring again all the happiness and excitement refreshed.

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    I am not very good at taking photographs. So somebody wants me to do it, I will say sorry, I am not very convenient in doing that. Can you please entrust that work somebody else so that your memories you can see with good photographs. I am ready for any other work you want me to do, definitely, I will do that. My wife, my two sons and my two daughters in law are very good in doing that work. If necessary I will tell him to entrust this work to any one of them. Recent days only I started taking photographs with my cell phone. I hope a may improve my skills in this art shortly.
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    At functions there is the great atmosphere of fun and joy with people laughing and greeting each other, there are children running around, elders hugging children and young adults whom they have not met for a long time, there would be some quite faces around with plenty of people dressed colourfully.
    But if you look at the traditional photo albums you will find people stiff in attention and some would be obviously uncomfortable, some giving gifts will be intentionally staring at the camera rather than having a few pleasant words with the hosts or newly married couple. If I'm given the camera to take pictures, I will know that there are professionals people taking the formal snaps.
    I'll focus on the informal ones, people chatting normally, the new couple has a few quick glances, exchanging a quick laugh. Pictures of children running around or playing, pictures of elders who despite the pain in the legs sit patiently to bless the couple. The genuine joy or surprise on the host's faces when they see a far-off relative attending the function is worth capturing.

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